Hi-ho, the new Twenties we go!

Alliteration works on idiots. It’s a rule of children’s books, the low IQ lap it up. I mean, these people believe state pensions will still be there.

Let’s do a little IQ test:
If the Left is forced by K-shift into national socialism
the Right is forced into national… __________?

Fine, don’t believe in biology. Don’t believe in cyclical forces. See how that goes, lefties.

One thing’s for sure, Corbyn is not the Fuhrer you are looking for.

It never occurred to them we could use their own books against them.
You don’t have to be a Jew, to think like one.
#equality #education #educateyourself #levelup #blessed
The Left will be a magnificent case study in Who’s jewing who?

It’s tempting to meme that Horton children’s book, I shan’t.

It’s going to look like unraveling a jumper but with their illusion of unity and hegemony.

A woman may do an immense deal of good, if she does not care who gets the credit for it.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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