Everybody calm down

The little drone strike was totally normal. Calm your tits, people.

What the MSM Left is trying to say they think will happen this month.

In an election year. When Hillary said she basically wanted a war with Iran in 2016.

What actually happened this month.

When Americans think they’re so “independent”, under the Federal Reserve.

Brother! Thou hast sold thine kin out for pyrite shekels! Hast thou no honour?

While I’m here:

Trump actually prevented a war because those planned attacks would’ve forced his hand.

You should be worried about economic collapse.

Have fun blaming us for that one.

One response to “Everybody calm down

  1. I am far more concerned about 400,000 anchor babies and 22 million illegals in the US. There’s an entire country worth of people who have no right being on US soil, yet that isn’t an issue.

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