Video: Joe Rogan exposed

My, this is detailed. Watch 15 minutes at double speed to see what I mean.

Old men with kids don’t slavishly follow trends like a college girl.

They especially don’t keep constantly messing with their diet or trying to normalise drugs and push them on people.

He speaks in glib platitudes, cites some erroneous trivia on a topic and half-wits think he’s intelligent.

But on any specific questions he always gets creepily vague when it goes off-script, then asks a question like a politician or goes into an inane, irrelevant personal anecdote and changes the subject.

Superficial mind, too glib. Very Lockhart. Once you know how they work, it’s hard to unsee.

If still pressed, like all frauds he’ll just keep repeating himself in the vein of thought-terminating cliches.

Yeah, he’s been trained. 100% controlled ops. Asking an easy question is taught to agents to build rapport.

We this, We that on anything that destroys your agency, it’s cult tactics.

Repetition of it too.

Give in – surrender, yield, conform, obey, Borg logic rhetoric.

Esalen values – the push to “expand your consciousness” in all the New Age circles. The “unity in diversity” is expanding your consciousness by being forced into the Borg.

Look at the push of all his videos.

You type “Joe Rogan exposed” and it’s just his videos.

Anyone the algorithm favours is owned.

Title: Joe Rogan EXPOSED CIA Elon Musk, MAPS, Esalen, Military MK Ultra Brave New World (((IDW))) by Matthew North

has been mirrored.

I knew for sure when Elon promised his stock would go up (you’ll be sorry style) then did this.

He’s been hiring meme bots to defend him on reddit.

His stock recently hit a record high. Still has severe production issues.

Funny how the anti-corporatists want people smoking commercial pot instead of growing their own.

Just sayin’….

I also know researchers Elon ripped off. Like, in person know.

But avoiding degeneracy makes one difficult to control.

People like the Satanist Aquino push drug use (eventually they’ll force it, like the druggings of kids now) because it opens you up to demonic possession.

Wouldn’t Legion sound like Neuralink?

It also makes you dependent on them, the supplier.

It’s strange the “Cyberpunk” game is being released this year with that name* but also bizarro MK Ultra like psychosis as a symptom of too much “collective consciousness”.

*Esalen origin term, Soviet connection.

If it’s atheist or pure tech, why all the Satanist orgy cult people in charge?

There’s a book on summoning demons on Amazon, apparently. One aimed at small children.

Yet Day of the Rope was taken down for a title.

What is a “practicing” Satanist, by the way? What do they do?

By “multidimensional warfare” they mean demonic possession as well as Legion and all that. It’s a joke. The Cathedral, the pozz. War against… God, obviously. Goodness.

I was onto the China and Israel stuff years ago.

2 responses to “Video: Joe Rogan exposed

  1. Thanks for the articles\essays\musings\what-have-yous. I might have missed a post on our benefactors “Eschatology” but it would be interesting to see your take on it. As someone who wanted to see the truth about Judaism for meself, I attended Temples, and was only met with isolation, and listening to reform rabbis talk about taking away Americans rights of free speech, and to call our elected officials and take away the right to self defense. The women there, were outright vicious, no humility, no grace, just sharpened teeth and hearts of iron and ice. When President Trump was elected in 2016 one of those Rabbis mentioned above was trying to use a quote Declaration of Independence to hint that it was time to overthrow the US government! The rabbi and the congregation were very upset.

    Is Joe Rogan his real name, or is he SAGgin’ it and letting some Israeli PR firm conceal his true identity? That stoner culture that was created by Hollywood was so destructive. The stories of depravity that come from that city are so horrible most of them have to be fantasy, it would be hard to think that all of the celebrities would be in some strange end time cult, being lead to believe they will rule humanity when instead they will be sacrificed by their handlers, whose handlers will be killed so their own handlers will live.

    That of depends on the pursuit of Justice. Did you ever write about Judicial Watch? I don’t care if you are a bot, your writing pattern is pleasing yet jarring, I hate .gifs because now I have to interpret some shitty Hollywood meme into a reaction, but I like reading your updates. Please keep up the good work and never stop. Good luck with life, love, and liberty!

    P.S. Sorry about the comment above, I meant to combine that with this one. You are the all mighty moderator, so you may do with this information as you wish. It doesn’t matter though, none of this matters.

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