Young people are getting it

A good sign.


Not to diminish his achievement or anything but…

  1. I also have built a Wendy House, with electric and such. You can call it Tiny House but … ‘cmon. It’s a Wendy House. Plus he might’ve just bought a kit as his base, they sell kits (guess how I know) and it’s cheating. I saw kids (pre-teens) do this two decades ago, he isn’t the first. It’s like this century’s treehouse. Previously, it was a cleaned shipping container, which is structurally better for electric (fires) and plumbing (floods) than “reclaimed” wood anything, that will rot. He hasn’t treated it properly (can tell by the surface and so could a GCSE wood tech student) and there are also toxic industrial chemicals in it to be discarded like that, he’s ingesting them by breathing unless he processed the wood to scrap personally. Doubt it. That suggests he didn’t research or do enough of the grunt work himself. Doesn’t mention how he lifted all that, including load bearing structural beams, …so mumsy probably hired a team of immigrants. Also, doubt it’s up to building code, so any injuries later suffered by him or guests, or if he sells it (current market value zero, it’s treated as a temporary structure for legal and tax purposes like a …Wendy house) would be on him from neglect. He didn’t say it was up to code as a human dwelling. Red flag. Roof could collapse in a storm and kill him splat.
  2. His grandparents own the land so… it isn’t really him, is it? Why do we praise all these posh kids for doing the bare minimum? I’d be the first to praise the self made and hope others imitate it but you can’t imitate the critical fact of having rich and indulgent grandparents. Did he fund the construction with a paper round or ‘pocket money’?
  3. It’s obviously a shag pad, come on. He isn’t planning on knitting the long nights away. Waste of space.

This is the shit MGTOW should actually be doing, not trailing random SJWs on twitter to bitch at them.

Build shit.

Teach one another. On that note.

Few extra notes:

He can’t be very good as a carpenter at that skill level. It isn’t even weather-proof, all the pores of the wood are exposed. Have you been to England, mate?

It doesn’t look traditional, really, but a good paint job can fix that. Choose organic paint so you don’t die of cancer from it.

He is not an architect, hire an architect for one hour to sit down and brainstorm issues like there’s no structure above those doors, for example. You need an archway of some kind to take the load in Newtons off of all that glass? Also, that looks like conservatory doors, the glass is different and the space more narrow, more brittle -cheaper. Why cheap out?

You rarely see windows that close because it weakens the wall. And that’s less than a foot between fixtures. NO. Kits account for this. The upper window weakens the ROOF.


Fences are made of soft wood that absorbs rainwater, they cannot carry heavy (cheap) glass and especially layers of metal like tin. There’s a reason we use bricks, darling.

Posho: “It’s all cheap materials, yah”.

Host: “Brilliant.”

Posho: “Yah.”

Me, in the background: “But he might literally DIE?!”

Is this a deleted scene from Idiocracy?

Why not use the scaffolding for the load bearing? He knows there are different types of wood, right?


His ear has the heart defect pinch shape. He’s probably a very ardent moron. I never met a high IQ person with that.

5×2.5m is a mental health risk, among other things. Basically smaller than some prison cells. Weird he doesn’t have a massive porch then, lazy?

It’s free real estate, literally.

Road regulations…. so it isn’t actually a house. He could still have the wraparound porch too.

It is a temporary structure… those are not safe for permanent dwelling, they let anyone make those.

That fire extinguisher is way too small.

The TV 1. exists and 2. is on the load-bearing wall.

Why do all that to …watch TV? Stay in your bedroom and get over yourself.

Pallet wood is chemically sprayed. Unsuitable for interiors.

He wasted the quality wood panels on the interior roof instead of the important WALL holding it all UP.

The footage of him cuts out before major lifting, totally used immigrants for the shag shack.

Did he steal from work? Like, lying to a client to steal their old, expensive shelves is theft.

Sorry but it is. Lying like you’ll throw it out is also fraud. I’ve seen carpenters try to do that, pirating old (antique, valuable) bookcases for their shitty personal projects. If anyone gaslights you about the value of lumber, ask why the hell they want it then? Happened to some old relatives. If you eventually choose to dispose of something, you’ll do it yourself (and after a valuation). They should be relieved to hear that… unless they’re thieves.

nb Pirating to sell on as lumber is also theft.

A house made of cheap, old wood…. and a FIREPLACE.

That takes… wait for it… cheap, old wood.

The noob doesn’t even have a grate or an ash pit. Fireplace also next to huge electronic TV on the wall. Ambient heat damages electronics. Electrical fire probable. An electrician would never approve that and the fireplace isn’t even on the floor. Heat travels up, you monkey.

Did he not grow up with a fireplace? Did he never ask? And where’s the poker, brush, equipment? Inspection certificate so you don’t choke on fumes? Where does he season the wood? (He doesn’t).

Basic homesteaders impoverished in America know more than this guy. Watch them first. Tart it up later.

Putting fireplaces in a corner is also the worst place, asking for a fire, it’s attached to half the house, two wood walls. Mid-wall, mate. Mid-wall with no glass (that melts, also water is wet).

Wood counters attract germs.

Iron… in a shower. In a hot, humid environment. With cleaning chemicals. Iron.

A shower topped with…. bare wood. Steam + wood = rot.

Any time someone says they do their own plumbing, and they’re not a plumber, run.

It’s like he’s trying to kill himself. No rail to stop him from falling out of bed, breaking his neck.

Sorry to nerd out but… basics. I’m dragging out of love.

You go boy?

One pulley for a ladder that size. A rope pulley, not even metal.

Also ladder is made of wood. A soft wood… no rubber on the tips at the bottom.

Six grand for that. I could do better with three. My current record for a DIY like that is just over one and a half for a bug-out space but I don’t count that for personal reasons (calling in favours for the person, connections) and because of inflation.

-From experience on projects helping friends plan this stuff, learn from it. Plan, plan, plan before you assume what you need. Note: never a TV.

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