Communists will lie about that…

what else?

No more riots of young people, old people they can’t afford are dying off, people feel sorry for them abroad, their own corrupt people are being turned away and back, from foreign ports…

It’s possible a certain amount of this is fake to lockdown areas. Military areas.

It could be another plague, that would explain the contagion. Black Death also came from Asia.

Grand Solar Minima also increase the risk of pandemics, partially due to the mutation rate of microbes under more cosmic radiation and dust. It has been predicted China would be vulnerable, owing to the mountainous regions that pick up this dust.

I dunno why Asians wanna become doctors in the era of resistant everything. There’s no use having 4 kids if you catch pandemic flu and pass it to them. I guess that’s why the national IQs still suck.

2 responses to “Communists will lie about that…

  1. This reminds me of the Ebola scare a few years back (2016?) there was footage of “healthcare” officials cleaning up blood of an Ebola victim without biohazard suits or any sort of proper PPE in Missouri/Kansas! What the flip? Thanks Obama so long and thanks for all the fish!
    Having worked in the medical & behavioral health fields for a few years, proper PPE and hand washing is key. MRSA, flu, pnemonia…the list goes on….. Minnesota & Texas have confirmed cases, should be interesting to see where this goes.

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