What a familiar concept

It’s strange to watch my ideas take off in random places.
Ages after the fact.

It’s actually based on Loki but k.
Like I’d say Lancelot is more of the “mad lad” there shagging the King’s wife and living but… k.


I’ll just be here.


Classism doesn’t belong to the left wing, it’s inherently a nationalist concern about 1st world white civilizational meritocracy. Making social mobility FAIR (so no corruption) will allow a healthy nationalism to return, yes, allow.

Sex and race are even distractions.
We need a healthy birthrate for one and the other is invalid in being a colonialist. Then there’s odious debt. Just exit tax them. Exit tax them ALL… – at progressive rates.

Hey, if they want it applied to everyone equally, why not start with “economic migrants”? They’re privileged by their international mobility.

I also predicted Boris would cave on EU terms and well… so far… so right.

Don’t trust a slut, especially with a working man’s money.

Sorry fishermen, guess our food supply as an ISLAND isn’t important.

As we head into GLOBAL SHORTAGE.

Maybe if it involved whatever causes Boris’s seal blubber, he’d stop being hungover for a week and try.

A Joker who didn’t care about money but people and nobody asked why?
It depicts hyperinflationary New York.

Been here doing this… a while..

The Left is scared of one -ism because it exposes their plutocrat roots…. or rot.

That’s why they don’t believe in democracy, they believe in “globalist” plutocracy of the central banks (so the BOE isn’t nationalised, even by the biggest ‘Marxist’ thinkers), in Soros and co. they trust and Apple Corp they buy buy buy. Name the Beast.

Money isn’t bad, plutocracy is treason to nations. Hold them accountable.

There’s a blatant opening to destroy them and y’all haven’t caught up yet.

I got time.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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