communists in genocide phase

Communists burning Communists, what a time to be alive! Are they also throwing some Muslim rapists on the barbie?

Livestream it, I’d like to donate.

for they have forsaken the LORD,
the fountain of living water.
Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed;
save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.

But it’s pigs! The controlled ops lie.
Humans require higher and sustained temperatures to burn and this crematoria calculation compounds, en masse. Human bodies are difficult to burn, even to “catch”. It also wouldn’t be limited to one province. Sit down, Noah.

Meanwhile, in a military lab in Wuhan:

They also don’t habitually burn viruses, but that’s none of my business.

3 responses to “communists in genocide phase

  1. Not commies/neonazis burning others of their kinds, but burning dead Christians and Muslims. Wuhan, like many cities, is/was an epicenter of Christians and Muslims (allied against the atheists) and all are considered dissidents. Since Tienanmen Square fiasco, a real backlash slap in the face for the princes of China, the world has been watching. China is a deep trouble since Obama screwed them. The do not dare to be too open violating human rights. go back to WWII. Japan had plague labs to concoct bugs to kill off a lot of people. Mao took over, but Mao never destroyed the labs. When Hitler sent thousands of SS and Gestapo into the USSR, they were welcomed with open arms. Stalin sent some to help Mao take and control China. Mao never destroyed the labs. Now the US is, as spring advances, again troubled with a new, deadlier version of bird flu coming north from Cuba. When the USSR fell and Putin refused to be Castro’s patsy, Cuba grabbed ankle for China.When Obama wrecked the economy, the Castros lost most of their wealth in the stock market. Frightened of Trump who tells the Chinese to shove it, we’re again assaulted with a virus from China, and one from Cuba. And the DNC twiddles their thumb and laugh up their sleeves.

    • It gets even better when you discover Trump is best buds with the Jews of Wall Street, who are in turn afraid of Brahmin/Chinese takeover. The Jews are being driven out of Hollywood.

      China rejected Globohomo and imprisoned Muslims, and the world’s outrage will be directed.

  2. As terrible as the world bemoans the loss of China’s Muslims, it would do us well to remember Muslims wouldn’t give us the same treatment. Timur had towers of human skulls, and even in Afghanistan the communists lost to Muslims after CIA interference and by force of numbers.

    Virus or not, China is going to continue to be tested. No doubt if it gains control of the virus it’ll deliberately unleash it in the Muslim provinces.

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