The 4% rule doesn’t actually work? (esp for FIRE)

THANK YOU. A person who can math!

The FIRE thing is mostly a gimmick for Boomers to con Millennials into slave living away their youth while inflating the stocks they rely on to retire themselves. Any Get Rich Quick or Easy Money scheme in the MSM is bullshit.

You’re being sold a lie.

Most people (by IQ, income, medical status) can’t do it. If the barrier to entry is nil, it’s a scam.

Let them suffer. Let the innumerates suffer. Enjoy their decline.

Sloth is a deadly vice and they always pay eventually.

I love it when the “when am I ever gonna use algebra?” idiots end up financially screwing themselves with something like FIRE. Assumptions make an ass of you, a starving ass who wasted your youth on a Boomer promise. The MSM is run by the worst kind of Boomer. Gen Y and Z are now the prime fresh meat targets.

Just one income stream is fucking retarded. I don’t care who you think you are.

If you’ll pardon my french.
Retiring to an inflated Asian market especially (full of race cucking Boomers who’ll soon die while you plan to live there, lowering market demand) is among the dumbest things an American can do. You are American, you already won the global citizenship prize and your options are like clipping your wings to live in most of Asia. Now, maybe Japan would be nice. Maybe. But I only know one person who did that, and it’s rural Japan. Otherwise, enjoy your slice of that pandemic action.

For one, they assume they can liquidate at market or above, among foreigners who hate them and it would be easy to settle back in America.

Historically, once you’re out of America, you stay out.
They’ll be priced out in the interim period and all the costs to reconnect them in the system would eat into their supposed savings.

They also won’t get a safety net from being out of the country for years, should their Cunning Plan fail.

They’ll be treated like a refugee… except less black, so worse.

It’d be better to live cheaply in Italy like Vox Day. Same race so safe, some security net, low pandemic risk, rural area quite safe. Pretty much everywhere is better than Asia, including S. America. Personally, I’d rather move to Brazil (a white area) where the multiculturalism means I could blend in, as opposed to sticking out as dangerously foreign everywhere I go in a homogeneous area – even if there’s a war on. They’re not long range planners, most of the chucklefucks doing this.

I still hope as many of them leave the West as possible. The trash can take out itself.

It’d be an excellent way to get rid of lazy people who’d later burden our system anyway.

Purge the r-type, I don’t care if they claim they’re white. Third World work ethic? Stay there plz.

It’s probable America would bar them from re-entry, especially if they expected welfare without having paid into the system for years.

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