Degeneracy advocates aren’t trad

Rise of the fake K politicians, as predicted.
He sounds like the typical Sexual Revolutionary. All we need is another hippy claiming to be a patriot.

  • Wants to turn a Christian marriage into a 50 shades bullshit fest. Christians aren’t supposed to have non-reproductive sex, including Mormons. Having sex for pleasure is Bacchanalian worship. The Mormon married into his religion, he knew what to expect in bed (not a whore).
  • Didn’t think pedophilia erotica was a good reason to break up with a guy? Blamed the woman for this, somehow?
  • ..What about the incest and rape stories, then?
    (Pedophilia and incest fetishes, like rape ones, ALWAYS escalate. Forensic data exists.)
  • Encouraged a virgin to hire a hooker instead of marry the way a traditional man would’ve done,
  • also shamed him for being a virgin implicitly. Better a virgin than a skank. Virgins should be proud, nowadays. Sex is easy to come by.
  • -sky? We sure he’s actually white? Smells of plant. Too neat they’d find so much on him.
  • He claimed to be a polymath but I see no evidence of more than middling intellect. He’s glib so that verbal fluidity tricks normies. If a person is bragging, in their mid-twenties no less, about being a polymath, they’re not. So, narcissist. A polymath has a track record of developments, usually post-mortem. He doesn’t even qualify as genius, from what I can tell he has added nothing to the world. Genius isn’t an IQ, or only one, it’s about contributions.
  • From what I can tell, he may have married to break into politics, but has no kids so should any man listen to his advice on women, family matters or demographics?
  • “Mr Sabisky said the benefits of modafinil for all ‘are probably worth a dead kid once a year.'” – psychopath?

It doesn’t even work like that, he sounds like either a manosphere twit who believes everything he reads without looking for opposing data OR he’s a plant intended to look like one, which is more likely. I find it more than a coincidence they can now dismiss the IQ data of decades out-of-hand based on his hatred of literal traditional marriage, monogamy and K-select sexual habits. Slut is not the norm and degeneracy must be shamed.

And strongly discouraged on all fronts. You know, as a vice? As sin?
“In the two years since he first emailed the ResearchEd conference organisers to ask for a speaking slot, he has undertaken postgraduate study in educational psychology and become a “forecaster”.” Education people are always low IQ in a lower-IQ pond.

Education majors are also among the lowest IQ in an American study I linked back ages ago.

Everyone knows those are cake courses. A mere genius would never do Education Anything by choice, let alone postgrad. The reality aversion is STRONG. Would flunk Cappy’s Worthless test HARD.

  • “When a cohort of first-year undergraduate students at the University of Austin, Texas, signed up they were, in Sabisky’s words, “dreadful!”” Slagging off white conservatives, and our ALLIES no less, I sense leftypol in him. And aren’t Texans home-schooled too?
  • “Yes! It’s disastrous! It shows itself in funding allocation. It is an absolute scandal that education, especially FE, has been cut while doctors get pay rises. This is democratic fraud! We live in a gerontocracy. And where do you turn to get that voice heard?” While technically true, no conservative thinks the lefty education complex should get MORE money for inferior results.
  • “His father is the finance director of Unite, the trade union.” Socialist plant.
  • “he was mostly home-educated by his mother (punctuated only by two spells at private schools)” home-educated can have patchy education and low IQ, depends on the mother, why not hire out since the Dad was loaded? No reason not to.
  • “Given his views, then, would he think it acceptable for children with a low IQ to be educated by low IQ parents? “The benefits and productivity of a class size of one or two means mean it’s still worth it,” he shrugs.” Solid middle-class idiot. Does not understand his prior copypasta about IQ heritability and the vital fact of ‘schooling’ having a teacher smarter than the child, to be actually teaching. Standard Education major parrot lefty wanker.
  • “From a societal perspective the benefits of giving everyone modafinil once a week” – moron, he just shilled for Big Pharma after complaining the health sector gets too much money. Hypocrite or idiot. Why not both?
  • “But you have to separate yourself from what you feel and from what are the facts of the matter,” he says.” LOL Catholic countries have lower IQ than Protestant though. Also, r-select breeding is degenerate. Too many kids necessitates lower investment, the West passed through demographic transition to become culturally superior, it wasn’t an accident. You can’t act like Italy and balk at like culture.
  • “I also want people to know that demography is not destiny. Social background is not even as important as people think it is.”

Meritocratic opportunities are hard to come by if your dad isn’t in finance, actually. Genetics be damned.

I see no delineation for polymath. Polymaths would also know the IQ strata issues in society e.g.


YOU have to live with this.

He has no idea how far ahead he started. That’s the trouble with these guys. They think everyone is in the same place when the starting gun is fired. When was the last time Downing St hired a smart working class bloke in his 20s? Or….ever? Let alone under-class. High IQ under-class do exist. Everyone ignores them.

He’s a silver spoon railing against classism, how ironic. Just a leftypol socialist larping as Christian trad. I sense equalism in him when he said about helping Da Children.

Nature or Nurture: pick ONE. No room for edgy leftypol here.

Typical brat propped up by his parents and told he was smarter than he really is on that basis (Middle Class fallacy), they never amount to much in the long-run. His delusions of superiority will smack into reality (I’ve seen it with that type) once he has to be his own man and actually do things without the parentals. Social mobility works down for this type, simple regression to the mean. He lacks basic ideological consistency of a K e.g. yay degeneracy on private posts versus the public virtue signalling about Go to Mass.

Verdict: disgust. This is not the representation we are looking for.

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