Pandemic is K-selection

It thins the herd, especially of those who crave social gathering.
The people with a low enough IQ to have poor hygeine and the narcissist, whose grandiose entitlement deludes them into thinking they won’t get any disease (inc. sexual transmission) or it won’t be a “big deal”.
Already, I’ve heard of rich Boomers refusing to buy £7 masks. They have sportscars.
The r-select have a surplus of children but don’t especially value any of them.
The novelty about coverage of this time is that middle-aged people are bragging immunity based on age, except the Chinks have been using elderly to mean 40+. I haven’t heard of any black cases, maybe they’re exempt?

It might benefit you to know how we handled plague (1665).
People were expected to report symptoms inside of two hours, to authorities.
Homes were shut up and guarded, some guards were murdered as infected escaped. The infected caused a lot of problems.
Weak people were robbed.
Rotten food was banned from sale because people thought it would spread disease.
Householders had to clean their doorstep twice a day. Might be where the expression comes from.
Dogs and cats were killed.
Plays, games, anything with a crowd was banned. They weren’t stupid.
Carts took bodies at night to avoid panic. They were buried six foot deep to prevent transmission. Corpses ooze.
The orders weren’t laws because MPs got bitchy about being shut up at home.
The king fled and they only discussed plague three times, two of those about the king’s safety.
Beggars and the homeless (‘refugees?’) caught it but stayed in public, interacting with people.
When people bought food, they soaked coins in vinegar to avoid catching plague.
Our ancestors were not thick.

4 responses to “Pandemic is K-selection

  1. Brass and zinc kill viral infections, as does silver. The life expectancy in the old days was so low, anyone who could afford it bought newborns a silver spoon as a pacifier. Copper and zinc work as well, but are toxic after a certain amount. We collect ‘Irish-American silver’ silver plated over brass. It sells for junk price, but much is still very good for daily use, and health-giving. Most of the corona is hype used by terrorists in the news media; blood sells copy. Following is a reality check.
    Never get between a liberal and a nickle in the sewer. They’ll gnaw your arm off trying to suck it out of the used toilet paper. And here were have what appears to be made-to-order help for the dnc. If the stock market crashes, a possibility, they can sweep in votes of the zombie lemmings.

      • MRSA isn’t spread by handles. I had it. It takes contact with bacteria, moist contact. It ate away the flesh to the left of the shinbone. We boiled copper and salt together, then when it cooled enough, I soaked the leg in it overnight. It took several years for the muscle to regrow, but all that’s left is a bad scar. the PAs told me that was the wrong thing to do, that the infection was my imagination, but when they opened the bandages, one ran off and the other puked her guts out. the surgeon was furious that it hadn’t been caught right off. I’ve two cousin who are biologists and one who is a forensic medicine PhD. We use brass and copper.

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