Harry/Meghan Experiment revisit

Almost two years later:


Choice quotes:

“She challenges his beliefs.”
“He feels he must protect her from the world, whether she is vulnerable or not.”
“Her sexuality will define his public image.”
“He might want to move to the middle of nowhere and avoid the press.”

Wow, surprised how spot-on this turned out.

“However it’s square to her Lilith, eventually there will be a conflict of ego and she will probably leave (that’s the Lilith story, refusal to submit).”
“His Jupiter in Capricorn rather reinforces the notion of wanting a stay at home, quiet wife. In Vedic, this planet represents how a man acts as a husband. He wants to settle down and stay out of the press.”

Like, hot damn. There might be something to this.

“However what she wants is a bit colder than his fluffy family aspiration”
“She would almost definitely have trouble conceiving. If she’s been trying to get preggers for years according to gossip sites, that makes sense.”
“She would probably have them by IVF (Saturn in his 8th house of heirs, maybe if they divorced she’d keep the kids away in America).”


I’m so glad my own D9 chart is good now. (That’s how you judge an individual).

It’s so accurate on them so far I’m shocked. WTF. I see why the Indians do it before arranging now.

“He’d ruin his country for her.”

“She could totally change personality once she’s got the ring for a while and established, perhaps with a child. Don’t trust the mother in law. There’s meddling and plotting.”

“Her Bilk conjunct her MC. She will try to take advantage of her husband’s power.”

“In the myth, Nessus dies. I hope that’s irrelevant. He brings his own downfall due to his lustful choices.”

Well he’s certainly slid down the totem pole thus far. Burn the coal…

“Evil revenge. Medea kills her two children to spite their father. I hope that one isn’t relevant either.”

If that actually happens then astrology is 100% real.

As a scientific person I expected to be wrong. What is this.

“She has Kleopatra somewhat close to the Ascendant but in the 12th. Very power hungry. I hope William checks his brakes.”


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