Likeness rights and robots

How bloody insulting, they didn’t get written permissions before even starting and they’re using HIS reputation around the world to hock their product and make a profit (since people assume with likeness rights -inc voice- that licensing has been made). If they photoshopped him into a billboard they’d owe him money for the same reason. Hollywood gets people to sign contracts including promo material rights. You can’t just hope the person is “cool” with it, it’s stealing! Why do you want their face, body, voice and demeanor if you don’t need it?

Entitled creeps, lot of those nowadays.

Likeness is important, think of the beheaded Trump pic and what else could be faked as defamation or blackmail material, WTF is wrong with these robot creeps?

He doesn’t want to be associated with that, who does? It’s humiliating. That’s an object.

Obscene people are abnormal.

ScarJo won a case for a guy using her likeness in a slutty novel to make a quick buck so the first sexbot case would be interesting, as they’d need to explain to a judge why they felt entitled to get their rocks off to a dead-looking version of a real person, and to own a product of their direct likeness without any licensing, like a sex slave.

Consent questions all around. I think the bitches in the comments wouldn’t be so “flattered” if their own head likeness were used in a gay porn scene.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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