The obvious China problem theory

Allow me to drop some facts for your mulling. This is around the Chinese disease.


1. already had state run camps, and those are the ones we know about

2. they’re experimenting on people, it isn’t just Social Credit, 5G and all sorts. What happens to the camp people? Why keep them there instead of deporting? 2b. They happened to have multiple flat-pack hospitals on the go, that just so happened to include prison features? Which architect penciled that in?

3 missing Christians – historically, that’s the point everyone should panic. Once they’re done with the Serbia-type genocide, they come for everyone else.

4. riots were snowballing like the Yellow Vest thing and China cannot pay its bills (food, pension promises)

5. there is footage of them rounding random, unnamed people up, totally not political opponents, and they’re all never seen again. They do not take people according to a medical clustering pattern.

6. heat sig. is abnormal.

clearly it’s death camps and the viral excuse is used to spirit them away.

Burning the forensic evidence? Mass burial worked for the literal plague! Plus, they’re not saying it’s actually bodies… when it’s clearly bodies. Why lie? They don’t want visits and questions about who was on the kill list.

When/If this comes out, I am not surprised. The signs were there, disease is real but red herring to this.

I’m guessing they’re also offing the people who might blab e.g. about their EU bridge plans and African colonialism.

One response to “The obvious China problem theory

  1. Liberal response to truth: when in danger or doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.
    We’ve been saying much of this and called liars to our faces or laughed at. And, round 2, the same idiots will mock and deny again. China is preparing for war. 3rd world nations will always follow that pattern, stop dissidents, arrest and imprison or use as fertilizer. They had 3 revolts on-going, some for centuries, and were doing genetic cleansing on non-Chinese. Viet Mihn have been slipping over the border to ‘relatives’ in Vietnam to escape persecution. Every ounce of effort has been put into trying to make a communist society, and each time it fails. China needs a war to get people’s support, but it may be too late. But they’ll still try if they have to. One weak president in the US, and even Russia will be sweating blood, and they know it.

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