Next stop: gas chambers

File under:
What happens? You get what you fucking deserve.

K-shift is coming for you, race traitor bitch.

Wanna be a genocidal twat, people will react.

^ your “work” is incitement

Breaking into someone’s home is clearly a threat to their safety, aiding and abetting invaders (to an island, no less) is meant to be okay?

Let’s go piece by piece:

Locals are attacking journalists

then sod off?

“journalists” are vermin

and NGO volunteers

list of names, why do they need to be there?

it’s in Greece’s public interest

on different spots on the island.

maybe heed that warning now, r-cuck?

I was calling the police,

they don’t work for you, they prevent crimes against their people
we’ll know it’s real when the police get the balls to arrest THEM

they say they can not help.

hint hint

might have to man up to your choices little soytard

I was also attacked by some locals.

They’re light brown, bigot.

Friend of mine is injured,

good, lucky he isn’t dead

I am ok.

for now

They are trying to encourage K-types to defend them, first the police then the public.

Don’t be a cuckservative running to their damsel in distress call, they’re faking it.

Do not defend these weasels, ever. They chose to be there and break national laws, it’s an act of war.

Bring in the army, Greece. Make it very public. Parades and everything.

Protecting borders?
It works!

Make it so any do-gooders on Twitter or in person can sign up publicly to take in X number of “refugees” into their own home, like adoption, taking full legal and financial responsibility. That’s the big swinging dick move Greece needs.

If they won’t sign up, mock them for their fake sympathy.

Call out the virtue signalers as faking it. It guts them emotionally.

When is some mad lad in Italy gonna take one for the team and “volunteer” in a series of as many refugee shelters as they can reach? Corona-chan says hello. Although, the NGO types are absurdly willing to accept all donations.

I recall when journalists were called spies. They take photos of security to breach it.

NGOs act above democracy and can therefore be banned nationally under national security

One response to “Next stop: gas chambers

  1. 🙂 Yep. When liberals went to Mexico to protest US farmers raising yellow maize for E-85 instead of white (yellow is poverty food in Mexico), Mexican cops arrested them by the hundreds, fined the hell out of them for interfering with Mexican politics, and booted them out of the country. If they couldn’t pay the fine, they went to prison, instead. Had the PRI not grabbed ankle for Monsanto, there never would have been a maize shortage, but no mention of that was made. Soros is a big investor in Monsanto. When the DNC snaps, PRI jumps thru hoops.

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