Darwin Awards global finale

me watching the weebs trapped in Asia and the stock bros during circuit breakers

Nobody’s laughing at the preppers anymore and they’re fast reckoning that it’s an actual skillset taking years to develop instead of buying 500 toilet rolls like a hoarding normie.

Nobody’s calling me racist for righteously hating China and Communism, which is nice.

All in all, I’m pleased as punch. I hope it gets worse so we skip a repeat (pandemics repeat if the first case is mild). It’s the first thing to wake up the middle-class cucks that open borders can and shall hurt them. No holiday to Italy now, Karen!

Pandemics always hit the sluts hardest.

repost link; https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022418v1.full.pdf

“From the paper: “The protein and mRNA expression of ACE2 in the testes is almost the highest in the body. Moreover, both cells inseminiferous ducts and Leydig cells showed high ACE2 expression level. These results indicate that testicular cells are the potential targets of 2019-nCoV.

The bioweapon’s coming for yar balls.

We believe in you, Corona-Chan! Sterilise the Commies! Sterilise them all!


Orchitis and male infertility

Infections and inflammations of the genital tract are considered the most frequent causes of reduced male fertility, but conclusive epidemiological data are not available. In view of the exposure of germ cells to pathogenic components as well as the cells and mediators involved in the inflammatory processes, irreversible damage to spermatogenesis and corresponding decline of ejaculate quality are to be expected, particularly in cases of chronic orchitis. While the consequences of orchitis and epididymo-orchitis that exhibit clinical symptoms due to systemic or local infections are well known, including testicular atrophy and complete loss of fertility, those cases of inflammatory reactions of the testicles that manifest an asymptomatic or subclinical course, or are not even due to an infection, have received little attention until now. However, systematic histopathological analyses have shown a high prevalence of asymptomatic inflammatory reactions in testicular biopsies from infertile men. The mostly focal lymphocytic infiltrates correlate with the degree of damage to spermatogenesis and corresponding clinical and endocrinological parameters of testicular function. Noninvasive diagnostic techniques are not yet available so that chronic asymptomatic inflammations of the testicles as the primary cause or cofactor of male fertility disorders are underestimated. Except for administration of pathogen-specific antibiotics, treatment recommendations are to a large extent still lacking.

Slutty men make themselves infertile with repeat infections. Even with antibiotics, it inflames the area and eventually it just… shuts down. The male reproductive set is external because it’s fragile. God hates sluts. ‘Sowing your oats’ is Satan rhetoric, dear. Scientism won’t save you.

Some thots are still going shopping in person in London.

It’s called the internet, bitch!

Spoiled rich pricks are complaining they were corona-cancelled.

I don’t think anyone’s told them no before. GOOD.

BE OFFENDED. Pandemics are marvelously impersonal.

Most of all, I was 100%, totally completely right.

and now I can be a cunt reminding everyone for the next ten years.

I wonder if tranny girls will stop taking T because high T makes viruses worse?

One response to “Darwin Awards global finale

  1. We call it the chicom virus, a bioweapon. Bigots will always use propaganda, like those terrorists we call liberals do. Every election cycle is now tainted with a new pandemic. Dems always say, never waste a good tragedy. The more who die, often from panicking, the happier they are. This election they’re slated to lose a lot of power in government and now they live in joy, a new way to knock out reality-based people. Most deaths are from secondary sicknesses like bacterial infections, other viral infections, heart diseases and so on. ! Fact! I’ll stick with redneck/high T, thanks. I’m old, fat, and wouldn’t look good in a bikini, anyway 🙂 ‘Sides that, women in the fam have an annoying habit of using the ax on men who, ah, change their religion 😉 then the Darwin Awards get a call. Hasta, chico…I told you, go injun. Prepping should be a way of life.

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