NWO warm-up?

Notes from the field. Relevance: new today.

Supermarkets are “just following orders” to get people back into shops as often as possible. Yes, this spreads it more. They don’t care, they want profits. Rationing essentials, aside from a human rights violation, is probably sue-able since it restricts self-quarantine and increasing exposure as you need to keep going in.

Supermarkets are getting “hourly updates” for “just the flu” – we’ve been directly told this by a Tesco worker in the AM, used to be daily.

The shipping volumes are way down.

This is technically Communism since it’s clear the state owns the corporations and they won’t protect our freedoms at all. They’re herding you into cities and vegan or lefty processed crap. Workers in US walmart have been spotted hiding meat from the freezers, literally taking it out first thing. People aren’t panic buying, the shops are stockpiling.

They’re encouraging customers to blame one another, the fault with the way shops are run – are WITH THE SHOPS. The failure is with management and their Just in Time treason because honestly food supply is their ONE JOB.

There will be riots and robberies, it’s only a matter of time. They know this.

Better to buy nothing than the vegan, complex carb shit. Seriously. This is a test of what we’ll buy and whether we’ll flood to their Ag Tech bullshit.

It’s a funnel.

Speculation but strong: it seems most non-cranial deaths are from anemia. The kidneys get overloaded during incubation with the cloaked dead cells and to cope once it finally discovers the virus, it produces less EPO to pull iron into the blood from the bones *assuming you have any there*. Red blood cell levels tank during a critical window and technically that kills them, the multi-organ failure is a consequence of that escalating. Buy EPO or iron? IDK.

Iron maybe? But if you cannot go or get into a hospital bed, that’s what I found out.

*I’d expect a lot of young vegan deaths, including Indian vegetarians.

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