Dane Gov ok with medical rape

For the internet tough guys who trust whatever Bill Gates and co. want in a vaccine, this would be a precedent to do anything with your body they want.
Anything. Including carving you up for organ sales should you find yourself hospitalised. Consent is important, it isn’t just the SJWs.
Mark of the Beast microchip, brain control (Musk) prosthetic. ANYTHING.

(Including tranny experiments, if that moves your noodle).

What happened to famous EU “human rights” you may ask?

The EU is an Empire; you are not human, you have no rights.

“For the greater good” – all evil, ever.

I heard a whisper it might happen to contain one of those new microchips – the teeny tiny speck of dust ones.

And they’d only tell everyone once it was already in. Better to ask forgiveness….

Strange how they’re forcing sterilising chemicals on white nations.

Best not to ask why.


WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT of Vaccinating a FLU-LIKE virus that mutates once or twice or more per year???

The flue shot historically creates a 15% resistance to Influenza A – THATS IT!  Meanwhile there is a LIST OF CRAP that those taking the shot ACTUALLY HAVE A GREATER CHANCE of contracting!


Because vaccination against a virus IS NOT WHY THEY ARE VACCINATING.  The vaccines change our children’s DNA.  That’s why autism and deaths from the vaccines.  They just make us SICK with the virus they shot us up with and then the Big Pharma and the rest of the Health Industrial Complex make trillians.  The vaccines in the US (and probably everywhere) have NEVER BEEN TESTED.  Robert Kennedy, Jr., won a lawsuit against CDC in Dec 2019.  


No safety studies even though that was the agreement to pass the vaccine manufacturer immunity laws.

“safety” studies are prone to “human error” (bias, $$$)

Government doesn’t know a thing about health, what right does these public servants have to force drugs on healthy people? What we know from studies is vaccinated people have 10x more diseases, 100x more likelihood of autism and that vaccinations are the cause of the cancer epidemic because of the way they are cultured.

Medical rape. Your body, your choice. You own your body or ALL ownership is a sham.

Are you a slave of a State?

They found that those who contracted the original SARS reached peak immunity at four months.  By six, the antibody levels had dropped to allow for reinfection.  Any vaccination program is most likely going to be a feint.

Herd immunity is a myth.

Some people heard the same rumour I did.

Does the unbeknownst Chip inserted make it hurt more or less?

My sources are better. NHS, ostensibly for geotagging.

The new passport.


You will have to take the chip voluntarily. If you refuse you can’t buy or sell. Only problem is that if you take the chip you’ll be saying you worship the Beast aka antichrist. if you refuse you can hide but if they find you…. literal beheading. 

Well I gotta die one day.

Interesting how one’s body is inviolate if one want’s to kill one’s unborn baby, but not if one refuses a vaccine.

Anyone who has or has had the cough cold or flu will test positive for the antibodies of a Coronavirus. The CDC put out an article yesterday explaining they cannot test for covid 19. Only for the antibodies of the influenza and or cough cold and flu.

True, there isn’t an exact test for CV.

This test is a nasal swab and throat swab, similar to the cheek swabs they do for DNA! These “tests” are here to collect your DNA and nothing more. They have been trying to collect DNA like crazy. Why would they want to get our DNA so badly?

And how is a person to prove vaccination has occurred?

Because the chip contains the proof.

At the end of the day, once you’ve logically defeated every other argument of a forced vaxxer, what you will come up against is this:

Look at little Timmah over there.  He’s immuno-compromised, so it’s too unsafe for Timmah to try the vaccine.  So by you not vaxing, you become a vector for the disease for poor little Timmah who had no choice and couldn’t take the vaccine for himself.

They are ******* full of ****!  Forced vaxers: rot in HELL.

Bio-rapists. Emotional appeal, emotional abuse. And as I previously covered, they’re now telling immunocompromised cancer patient kiddies to get the vaccines.

As soon as they developed a vaccine we’ll start to hear how the public wants “something done”.    Then they’ll pass or try to pass legislation for mandatory vaccinations. Along with that military interventions (various forms of martial law).  They probably already have legislation written up waiting to be signed like they had with the patriot act!

Is Middle America SURE that Trump is on their side and not another Epstein friend Israel shill like his lachrymose convert daughter?

Here’s a logical proposition for reddit:

If the Revelations Mark part is true, so is the rest of it aka God is real. Don’t take it.

I re-watched the Trump Simpsons episode – are you sure he’s our guy?

The Chinese tried to develop a vaccine for the original SARS, and the lab rats “challenged” with another dose of the virus after vaccination all died from an immunological over-response. The conclusion was that developing a vaccine for humans was “not recommended”.

I’m beginning to wonder if the Agenda 21/Georgia Guidestone tin-foil hatters aren’t on to something….

Fucking Freemasons.

Needs to be on a t-shirt, with the stones.

Cytokine storm, for one and most likely – if the SARS experience is anything to go by.

Live shedding, they’ll spread it.

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