Graham Stephan – Aaron Clarey reader/ripoff?

First thing ya gotta know about me. I cannot stand ripoff merchants.

Listen to this ‘explanation’ in full.

I – I – me – me. Credit thief.

Graham (Shekels) Stephan: “I highly recommend everyone do… What I call house hacking-” (12:10-45)

Do you, Graham? DO YOU.

Now read this, after watching that whole part of the video (10:36 on).

All this advice of “his” on his ‘channel’ is eerily similar…
From Bachelor Pad Economics, page number retained.
Check up on me.

“Guys this is all my idea mine mine mine!”

But how dare people now ask him for advice on his advice channel about the economy.
What do you people think he is, an economist?

I knew he had a rat face, I just couldn’t place why. Bad bone structure, lower IQ (but cunning), it’s a pretty solid connection. Credit thieves typically have that weaselly look. Look at the shoulders, a random soy doesn’t stumble across this info.

I could have done a massive post like this cross-referencing all the times I’ve seen over the years that Shekels Stephan has ripped off our favourite actual Jew Clarey but 1. nobody would read it and 2. I abhor formatting.
“When mastered, house hacking can save you thousands of dollars in monthly expenses, build tens of thousands of dollars in equity each year, and provide the financial means to retire early. In fact, the average house hacker can turn a single-family home or small multifamily property into a cash-flowing investment.”

I’ve never heard a shred of credible financial advice from Graham’s showy corner of the internet, that I didn’t first read many moons ago by Clarey, an actual economist (and former teech-eeeer).
In the screencap was Graham’s whole plan, which he steals full credit for. Funny how a kid would happen to know as much as a man one generation older with a totally different training skillset, including years in banking – when little Graham was still growing pubes.

How does Graham know all the things he ‘knows’? He never says. How convenient.

In these unusual times, he has no advice (see the pinned comment)

A note for everyone: It’s become evident that a lot of you want me to address what’s going on with the markets. I totally get it, I find those topics extremely insightful to talk about, but I don’t want to make that the entire focus of my channel right now. I’ll absolutely make videos on that each week as things progress, but otherwise I believe in the buy and hold philosophy. As bad as things might get in the short term, eventually things will recover.

based on….?

eventually you dead so…?

Stay safe, double down on work, cut back on expenses, and invest long term. And smash the like button.

As you can see, he bizarrely goes dry as a nun’s vagina for advice (or basic OPINIONS) and flees like a coward from the millions asking him economic Qs because without a Clarey script to read from, he has no expertise or knowledge whatsoever.

How odd that his bounteous wisdom happens to dry up! There is nothing to pull from. If I were Clarey, I’d put out a trivial piece of fake info (or something a clickbait ad revenue thieving moron like Graham would misinterpret from his ignorance) to watch him humiliate himself and prove it conclusively. Maybe a new “recession-proof” plan?

Book Bachelor Pad… was published way before Graham set up his channel, before anybody asks. Years prior.

I can’t stand thieves.

The least he could do is plug Clarey’s retirement book, but maybe he’s planning on releasing his own “book” written all by “himself” (and Ctrl+C).

This explains his random rage video about staying single out of spite, he’s been reading the manosphere for years. The anti-family propaganda sank deep.

He’s been reading, and ripping off its authors. I’d sue. That’s ad revenue from Clarey’s copyright.

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