r-types r-r-r-roaming

“Extraverts”, “refugees”, narcissists – all will experience a hyperactive social drive.
This is why your civilization had the death penalty. When times like this come around, they’re happy to kill you. They think they’re immortal.

Italy: Migrants in Naples Ignore Coronavirus Quarantine

For them, empathy is an act, a status signal to consolidate power.

Kids could be dying, dropping like flies… but they wouldn’t legally be as free to publish about that.

This isn’t just about Boomers and medical conditions. It’s a testament to the low trust (high narc) society.

e,g, Russia is wise to the evil of China.

Russia Has Recorded Zero Coronavirus Deaths

“temporarily banning Chinese citizens from entering the country.”

You’ll find it’s impossible to hate the Chinese enough, it’s the secret to success in life, according to some very successful people.

I owe them a lot for letting me in on the real Secret.

We don’t care about Timbuktu or Japan, we don’t care about Korea or the Philippines.

It’s always, ALWAYS the Chinese.

MIT Scientist Claims Coronavirus is a “Deep State Fraud”

If China say it’s over, that means it’s worse. My guess is cranial type.

Former Supermarket Boss Warns of Potential Coronavirus “Food Riots,” Army Patrols

“I’m not sure the government can guarantee all food supply in all instances.”

China is still buying up our food. I posted about this a year or two ago.

Our domestic food supply is insufficient for the current population. Ban shipping of it to another continent, you’ll have to eventually.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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