This is part of K-shift

It’s funny to me, to see the r-types stress that you don’t need to become anxious. They’re fighting amygdala development as hard as they can!

Wait until their idiocy puts their relatives at risk. Is Hillbilly Bob so stupid now?

They’ve never had to drop the high time preference in their life, the Government saved them.
After Katrina, they still believe this.
But Gov can’t save you from your own stupidity.
I find funniest the wankers going to cafes and restaurants in London. That’s proof of natural selection, folks!
20% of all people who get it will need hospital according to US info. That’s worse odds than rolling a die.
Still their green juice, veganism and meditation apps know better!

Is this a viral form of pray the gay away?

r is starting to die off but not nearly enough to update this… yet.

Imagine having six mouths to feed under these circumstances and no skills.

With the stock market bailouts (QE in BOE and Fed) food prices will go up.

Plan accordingly.

I’ve had SHTF playlists for this very occasion.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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