The problem of sufficiency

Yes, I’ve been busy with family matters.

Place blame where it’s due – the CCP and the NWO lot.

A homogeneous culture weather tests better.

There are some rumours that this is a plague breaking a seal in Rev.

God, I hope not.

The only people who bought en masse were the immigrants when they heard places like India were affected. That’s why the corner shops weirdly have a lot of everything.

2 responses to “The problem of sufficiency

  1. You have to actually be self-sufficient. Is that the pallet house guy?
    I’m cutting next years firewood and giving some thought to wild meat if the freezer get’s low. Convincing the family to stay home was the biggest hurdle.

    If it get’s bad I’ll drop a couple of trees across the road and they’ll have to walk a mile to bother us.

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