Supply shock

Yet the Tories closed the garden centres. The one place we actually need.

The brightest Etonian minds.

One of my elderly relatives has gone. No idea if it’s wu-flu. Non-genetic and I never met her but the Gov is refusing to test bodies to keep the numbers depressed. It’s kinda important to all those attending a funeral though. Plus, she had more than 6 kids, the max people allowed AT the funeral so the Gov is fucking up hugely by not closing all borders in January. Or seven decades ago.

Flights should only be permissible for funerals.

Needless to say, my hatred of the chinks is now permanent. Asia’s Jews indeed.

2 responses to “Supply shock

  1. The Chinese manage to be worse than the Jews. For all their deceptiveness, Jews are at least predictable, and profit on what the Gentiles want (every Jewish pornographer has a Gentile who wants to consume the filth). The Chinese, well. Think of any bad trait about a Jew and amplify it by 6 million.

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