Nuts about corona-chan

“Those with hypogonadism can develop large breasts and erectile dysfunction – a condition which can be cured with testosterone treatment.”

Yes, sure, it sounds terrible for men but…. does it increase breast size in women?
If so, brb for the free boob job.
….I am 50% kidding.

Coof coof I want a DD.

Petition to call this Manboob Flu.
You know you want to.

But yeah, crime is going up, will get worse.
The Global Civil War (with “diversity”) that I warned about looks far more likely now, eh?

Even your “really really nice” neighbour.

I do wonder whether a racial element to unrest would be reported.

National capitalism is coming.

Ridiculous. Every man who is recovering from a major infection, or traumatic injury has lowered testosterone levels it’s a normal natural part of the healing process.

True, hormones are used in the healing response.

They should compare T-levels between porn using men and normal ones. Replenishment isn’t eternal. Maybe men with reduced levels are more susceptible to the virus?

2020: Year of the Boomer Flu.

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