Formally announcing a post hiatus. I’m going on sabbatical, for a minimum of six months.

See you in October, maybe. This is an experiment to see if my movements (yes, mine) slow down at all or grind to an effective intellectual halt.

I don’t care if Q turns out to be Jesus himself and comes down on a fluffy cloud, I’ve mentally checked out.
I might cover anything important when I come back.

This’ll sort the wheat from the chaff, won’t it chums?

Kitty got claws.

Let’s suffocate the plagiarist bloggers, wherever they may be.
You can’t rip-off quality links, breakdowns, concrete predictions and opinions.. that I don’t post.
Let’s see if you magically find the same things I was gonna think.

Women are so stupid, right?

Stupid like a fox.

Increasing my intake of genuine people, culture, long hot bubble baths – instead of laborious slogging through dense files to find gold nuggets and most importantly, my new focus is making monies.

Think of this like a holiday, not a goodbye. I do need a break. This is unpaid work.

We’ll be monitoring the insight quality of particular bloggers with keen interest.

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1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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