Prediction: Screaming 20s

Man, politics is sure looking quiet lately, huh? I forgot to do my yearly prediction, so here’s a decade condensed to chew over until I’m back to regular linking and pseudo-intellectual rambling in October+. You can find proofs for this conviction (future proves past) throughout this blog dating back years, happy hunting.

This decade:

  1. Deutsche collapse,
  2. Euro dies because Deutsche carried most of their value,
  3. minor civil wars with imports, starting unexpectedly in socialist urban areas like the French terrorism,
  4. mass “repatriation…. by force”. No country for muh Honorary White, it seems. *You don’t belong here, yeet.

The Greater Depression concept was initially me and rehashing that now it’s in the MSM is… too obvious. Prepping, recipes, skills, literature etc etc. You can find old posts along these lines.

To n00bs:

We’ll be fine. Only NPCs will suffer.

*Solar Minima will force their hand. Europe barely has the food to feed its native populace.

No matter what they think: when they’re starving, nobody’s nice.

Younger generations being so diverse thins the herd considerably.

A famous globalist once told me: if you pretend to be helping, they’ll let you do anything.

I had another post, about myself, that I wanted to respond to here. I’ll just post that then imma head out.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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