never go full Tom Cruise

Asians are even lying about their height now (video here).

I love how on the website it says suitable for “Wedding”. That’s false advertising. Imagine how sexy taking that off would be on the wedding night. “Wait, sweetheart, I must remove my silicon stilts! No take backsies!”

Never reproduce with a secret manlet (or womanlet) because your demon spawn WILL hate you and will become a Supreme Gentleman.

I’m done with all the Asian makeover stuff, can we just ban all of this? Even make-up, it’s not like I need it. I haven’t used mascara in years and eyelash extensions can make you blind. It involves putting formaldehyde (of autopsy fame) ON YOUR FACE.

Playdough noses and Aryan contacts, wtf.

The nostrils plugs though. That’s some dishonest signalling.

One response to “never go full Tom Cruise

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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