Postmodern psyops continues

The convenient, anti-white We, fellow white people. By the way, try polyamory! Marriage is over-rated, ignore the studies. Being family oriented is for squares, look at the Boomers, they did fine! If you do marry, nothing is sacred. Being a cuck is okay if God is dead!

“We’re free because we say we are”.

Ok, breathe underwater since you hate being human.

The reprobate mind is repetitive, I tire of it.

“we r special and modern and smart, virtue isn’t real lol”

Keep giving your shekels to corporations who’d let you die in the street. Sweet replacement for family.

Individualism is the belief system of weaklings. Perma-adolescents.

“you can’t tell me how to live!” angst

reality scoffs

It’s easy to spot a slut because they assume everyone else is. If you point out their statistical rarity, they melt down in angst.

I love how the second half is bitching like an omega but instead of admitting the depression and changing (like an adult) they double down on being a degenerate.

Imagine quoting Adorno seriously.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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