I know the feel

It’s exhausting being two people. Almost like how I imagine cheating except cheating on your true self.

Yes, I know it sounds wanky. Sorry. I go thousands of posts without rambling about myself, we can afford ONE.

I guess it’s a stronger form of what many traditionalists feel under the globalist thumb, only more intense with the import of hiding here. They’ve tried to come after me once openly, they refuse to speak of me again in the years hence, although they’d adore any excuse to get me arrested e.g. repeating fact.

I exploited some little known legal loopholes to be here, after all this time. I don’t knock down people’s doors or scream in the streets.

It isn’t cowardice to hide, it’s strength to seem to hide when you’re actually not. It’d be far easier to do nothing, bow your head and cow. But you can explore the wiggle room between hiding and showing. The new internet seems to have lost all subtlety. I don’t like e-celebs, I like the original idea of vehicle, internet as message. I don’t care who the messenger is. A smart 12yo is no less worthy of respect. The e-celebs who hate me, hate me because I don’t show them “respect”, by which they mean idolatry. I ask for none and give none. Either you’re right or you’re wrong and time will tell so there’s no use hiding it.

The opposite philosophy would be magical thinking – you can be anything you claim, kiddy dress-up but for adults e.g. a philandering “Christian”, a man in a lady’s dress, a saintly rioter or degenerate alpha. I hold no space for such delusions. I don’t do much here but I see the uniques, people want the information. They want the studies and the sanity of it.

Here’s to half a million hits.

I assume most of your assumptions about me are wrong. I seem to have a legit digital reputation now, which I never expected when I began.


Fun fact: One day, I aspire to bring out an amazing line of sarcastic tea-towels.

Here’s to making more people doubt my existence.

If it’s safe to come out one day, that might be funny.

Until then, still too pretty for prison.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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