Formalising equality

This is both futile and a power move.
1. those rituals belong to white people exclusively
2. outsiders are not entitled to partake in our societies (appropriation, colonialism)
3. you can put a monkey in a butler costume but it can’t make you a drink.

This is intended to blockade a sense of the sublime and unique among the traditional, by making their culture into a costume.

“But the freedom of informality comes at a cost. Formality is the bulwark against some of the nastiest human impulses, and acts as a vaccine against our most dangerous tendency: forming in-groups and out-groups.”

Those form as babies.

“There’s nothing you or I or the Pope or the United Nations could do to stop humans from forming clubs, inventing or elevating meaningful markers of difference, and building fences and corrals that keep one’s group together while keeping the ‘others’ out.”

They’re trying to ban free association and free thought. Oh you can want not to hire someone, but the Race Relations Act forces you. Oh you can dislike someone but you can’t tell them.

They’re trying to conduct Batesian mimicry on white cultural signals.
It’s a new level to the evil and nobody is talking about it.
Well, ‘cept me for years calling them paper Ks.

How long til they find imitating anothers’ happiness won’t work? And they’ll blame us. But you can’t LARP as civilized, it isn’t a costume.

But r-types live to blend and imitate.

You cannot feign amygdala development for very long.

“Groups can form around any distinguishing feature, from the harmless, such as sporting teams, schools attended or favourite novels, to the nefarious, such as race, class or sex. Each person can disavow some marks of difference while clinging to others – and no person can disavow them all.

This mental virus might be incurable, but there is a vaccine: formality. Formality gives us something harmless around which to form an in-group: namely, knowledge of the rules of that particular formality, with its own trials of membership and rules of initiation.


‘Ah yes, the dress code is a bit difficult to understand… You see, it’s based on Edwardian standards, of course, so “semiformal” actually means black tie! No, no, don’t worry a bit, it is unusual…’”

Being white = mental virus. Was it Stalin or Lenin who pathologised his political opponents?

“The opportunity to be a crowing pedant about the rules of formality gives one something to do instead of in-grouping around more exclusionary traits, such as to which expensive school one went. More importantly, the rules of formality are ultimately accessible to all. Anyone can learn the etiquette and wear the tie, and so become part of the ever larger, ever more diverse in-group that practices the formality of the event.”

Traditionalists need to be talking about this.
Immigration = colonialism. It’s code for colonising our ways and holding their own as exclusive.

Dressing up like us for Halloween.

“This is a common pattern. While the London gentlemen’s clubs are well-dressed and traditional, they’re largely devoid of ceremony; instead, they’re well-appointed places to relax over meals or drinks and sniffingly observe shibboleths of the upper classes, from which syllable to stress in ‘patina’, to why one ought not to own fish knives. Meanwhile, foundationally working-class clubs, such as the Knights of Columbus or the Freemasons, deck themselves in formal ceremony and ritual. The already powerful can afford not to make too much fuss. For the up-and-coming, or the downtrodden, formality gives an unparalleled sense of membership to a grander body.”

Gentleman’s clubs violate segregation laws. I said it.
The Freemasons are rather powerful but as a cult it lends formality to its ‘religion’.

We exist to entertain non-whites apparently:

“watched as various members of the leadership tried – sometimes successfully, sometimes not – to strike away little elements of salubrious formality, when they felt the striking was good. And so, dinner’s fourth course went, but second dessert was preserved. Another night of the week became informal, but Sunday was still black tie. They chip away at traditions, forgetting that, for students, visiting fellows and new academics, these are the very things that cause rapture and delight”

Like a cultural human zoo of white archaic practices?

People give me a funny look when I say I still have roast dinner with the family. So it isn’t about certain things being nice for all, they’re trying to create a cultural hierarchy with whites at the bottom, mocking their historical practices. Look at the Karen meme mocking white motherhood.

We need cultural protection laws. Including sumptuary laws.
Funny how fuddy duddy unis had a great reputation but now run by Marxists, their rep has gone to shit.

“insist that in this brand-new, modern building, at our very first dinner, we would wear academic gowns, say grace in Latin, and pass decanters to the left. It was harder still to say the same to a dozen busy and seasoned academics who joined us. But it was the right choice, and the college is better for it. In this modern university, my students and academics come from every political, religious, social and economic background one can imagine; they don’t have anything extrinsic in which to believe together. College gives them something to believe in as a whole.””

That is a cult.

It’s a ritual, posing as tradition.

The whole West has become a human zoo, complete with larpers ogling at our culture. White people are going extinct, this is the open air reservation.

“It takes a formal, traditional, ritual-filled ancient college to make them all feel as though they’re truly of one kind – even if that ancient college is only a year old.”

Parody history.
It could be a Punch comic.

Paper Ks, told ya so.
Non-whites are being racist when they take up the mantle of white culture. There’s no other way of looking at it. It’s mocking us.

We’re not allowed to show up in a rice hat or wearing an African mask, this is 100% about white humiliation.

‘We can wear white clothes and eat in white buildings but if you do, we’ll have you arrested as a supremacist’

Like year 1 teachers insisting “everyone” share nicely – especially little white Timmy. Did you notice the darker the kid, the more often the teachers ordered you to let them steal from you? I thought No means No? Early reinforcement – nothing belongs to you, nothing is exclusively yours. 

I’ve had to teach adults to properly use cutlery (after they accused me of doing it wrong in public and looked like morons). Let’s face it, they’re never going to fit in. Clown world denies group IQ, especially the national.


First they claim emotional appeal for the outgroup (19th C.) – pity your inferiors! (Pity is Christian pride).

Then they claim human flaws only for white culture (20th C.) which must be ‘dismantled’.

Then they become vultures to the token powers of white culture, for status signalling (cultural appropriation).*

Then they hold those up as universal tokens, still following a white power (Empire) hymn sheet.

*They literally admit they’re doing it now.


This whore:

lol dressing up like dead whites bitches – cunts

Note the Satanic gesture

Skin so bleached she now looks ill

And we’re not allowed to say anything

They’ll keep doing this until the controlled ops pretend to finally notice. The appropriation stuff is projection of what they’re doing (main CM tactic) and the right wing just leave it as a topic, they don’t touch it with a barge-pole aka what they want.


1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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