Ring hungry people

Well this is interesting.
Narcissists (m/f) view marriage as status and deval (bail) when it needs work.

Both have kids prior, so why is he acting like being divorced is the dealbreaker?

You BOTH have kids. He isn’t actually single, he has dependents.

He’s 39, he’s over half dead. Why waste each other’s time?

Personally, I’ve had random men chase me over the idea of wifey (confusing my politics and religion for vulnerable narc desperation, lol nope) and detected strong grandiose narcissism in the ring-hungry men too. It puts out the crazy signal like I guarantee at least one could be a serial killer, it’s weirdly hostile if you don’t know the person. A person who doesn’t take it seriously or want you to get to know them is a pass. Crazy people wanna rush (like lovebombing) because they’re not scared you’re crazy – they sense you’re not like them. But these two had ten years of interaction and he’s still stalling, like someone better is gonna come along. He has a kid, parent it rather than waste time ‘dating’.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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