Non-humans don’t need legal protection

GMO people have no human rights.

Into the gulag!

An edible vaccine is when the antigen is expressed in the edible part of the plant. This reduces the cost of production of the vaccine because of ease of culturing. In this article, various types of edible vaccines that include algal and probiotics in addition to plants are discussed….

Edible vaccine can produce complex multimeric proteins that cannot be expressed by microbial system and is a safe and effective method of vaccination. As the benefits of edible vaccines are prominent enough to overcome its side effects, proper research and development in this area is required and it can bring about an era of better control….

wikipedia tries to tame it

The phrase edible vaccines was first used by Charles Arntzen in 1990 and refers to any foods; typically plants, that produce vitamins, proteins or other nourishment that act as a vaccine against a certain disease.

not what a vaccine is

Once the plant, fruit, or plant derived product

weasel words

is ingested orally, it stimulates the immune system.

Changing your DNA, RNA or germline is worse than murder. Murder doesn’t make your kids less human.

Edible Vaccines

Scientists believe that vaccines can now be transported in foods, such as a banana. This would allow children to be vaccinated without the need for a shot.

You mean parental consent? I was always suspicious of the free fruit for kids at supermarkets.

Why they want you “plant based”

Although edible vaccines fall under “Genetically modified” plants, it is hoped that these vaccines will avoid serious controversy, because they are intended to save lives.


well if I shoot you, I intended to save lives, because you intended to be the next Hitler

> “Why don’t people trust us?”

> continues to be sneaky lying little weasels

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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