Purchasing power in loaves of bread

Never let this tweet die. Don’t do drugs, kids.

All shades of Marxism act like humans have the same IQ, and it’s well above average.

I call it the Libertarian fallacy, that the whole world thinks like a WEIRD,, white suburban 135IQ autist child of divorce.

The socialism that the Boomers ushered in hard really neglects this point.
Nominal means nothing.

Cultural Marxists only need to use many forms of dysgenic influence (pollution, teratogens like aluminium, endocrine disruptors, GMOs etc) to lower the national IQ to the point where most people go along with Marxism. Cloward-Piven is the trigger. They’ve bumped it ahead because of the ‘awakening’ online. They’ve intentionally retarded white people to go along with their ideology (why they hate us, we needed them to*) hence ‘useful idiot’. It’s the MO.

People like vegans aren’t stupid, they’re spiteful mutants. They hate white people so much they choose to fuck up their hormones and never breed – and encourage teens to do the same!

*Note the BLM portrayal of genetic individualism as EVIL?


A world run by China would NOT be kind (white level kind).

Individualism = high IQ group, critical thinking.


^ But the banks are the biggest Marxists.

If it’s the best system it shouldn’t be compulsory.

The ‘globalization’ scam:

Weaken nations by enslaving them one after another then repeat as they start to recover, like parasite tourism but parasite production.

Hence, globalism is evil.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

p.s. most slaves are statistically now Asian, so so much for me hating them, eh?

I only hate Commies.

Hi CCP spies.

I could have a lot of fun with this template.

Trotsky and the FED


The Titanic dead might not have drowned.

“I see no reason why the general public should be forced to pay the gambling debts of the international bankers”.

The Masonic cult, that’s why. It’s literally on the ‘notes’. The fiat per se is a promissory note.

There is no investment in the people, the natives.

There is 100% investment in the banks. It isn’t national currency, but OWG in multiple denominations.

Find this quote:

“For thousands of years the Aryans will work, struggle and achieve; they will clear the swamps, they will bring out a beautiful world, and make mankind a free humanity living on a free earth; but then the Aryans will die.

The original cucks, the original race traitors, more crudely anti-human though.

To non-Americans it’s downright creepy how Americans happily report how some relative or other is a Mason. It’s like bragging about Scientology but worse.

Clearly you don’t know how evil their business is. Kiss the feet of your masters some more.

Where’s the corrupting coming from? No idea. It’s like all the bad guys are in a harmless ‘drinking club’.

With Scientology-like tiers and bizarre ‘secrecy’. Sure it’s harmless….


They just happen to be flooding politics and business, where nothing gets done, in every financial centre.

They’re ‘graded’ …according to their brainwashing. Cognitive dissonance defeater.

“10. The group performs secret rites
If there are secret teachings or ceremonies you didn’t discover until after you joined, you’re probably in a cult.
Cults use secret rituals as rites of passage that solidify a member’s loyalty to the group. Initiation into these rites usually only comes after a member has undergone certain tests or made adequate financial contributions.
Often, cult initiations are confusing, bizarre, or even offensive. This mental dissonance between their sense of confusion and their loyalty to the “inner circle” convinces the initiate to double their efforts in order to properly appreciate the proceedings. This only further entrenches them in a shame cycle, making them even more susceptible to manipulation.”

Drinking clubs involve a soul oath, right?

Cults strike down patriarchy by replacing family (blood, kin) with a ‘higher loyalty’ to their ‘brothers’.

Women are harder to trick, to replace family.

Don’t threaten us with a good time, China


The Boomer Dems might die off without muh diabetes meds, vegans might die without B12, the Marxists might kill themselves without SSRIs and the traitors might have no energy without their socially normalised speed (ADD meds) PLUS the thots couldn’t whore around and the married couples might have a boost in Western birth rate!

Please no China! Think of the unborn children!

Let’s get all the medicated white people off the drugs keeping them docile and easy to manipulate with increasingly feeble cries of racism!




Tumblr proves to be mostly cancer once again

I have PROOF.


They look ridiculous. And most of this has nothing to do with academia.

They’ve watched every Youtube video saying how to ‘look expensive’ and it’s pure cringe. Like, rich people can afford to put down the Oreos. Rich people don’t eat their feelings.

Yes, the bow makes you feminine and you’ll definitely get a rich white husband…..

I love the way the turtleneck makes the manjaw really POP and the piggy looking nose from that angle, adorable.

Was all on that tag.

When non-whites try to dress in a white supremacist sort of way, it looks ridiculous.

They’re trying to deconstruct the aesthetic to rewrite the history associated with it (see their BS below).

^From the good part of tumblr.

It’s like Halloween costumes for some Tim Burton shit.

He’s standing near books, therefore r smart.

The thots and the fatties are using it, this is an optics issue whether y’all like it or no.

Imagine being that thirsty you stand in front of the ocean with your Third World starving Ethiopian aesthetic.

You are never going to look like this.

Compare. Never ever.

It’s like competing with a god. You can’t win.

There is an appeal unique to our flesh that cannot be stolen.

First they stole our TVs, now they steal aesthetics.

Ho no.

Next they’re doing WE WUZ KEATS

“I would just like to say that I am a (decently) large dark academia blog and am also a woman of colour, the idea that dark academia is created for/by white people (particularly white men) is absolutely hilarious to me. I know for a fact that my ancestors wrote some of the best poetry, music, made some of the most groundbreaking discoveries, which were later copied by European men who received all the praise.

We are academia and anyone who says otherwise can kiss my pretentious ass, don’t let these little moodboards fool you.” – theparistimes

Look at the WAP song, now back to me. The WAP song, now back to me. Your ‘culture’ is pure whore.


It’s a culture of STDs and baby momma crotchfruit.

Shit group IQ, shitty artistic production. Sucks to be you, wap-wap.

POC is still really funny because in optics (the academic study) black is NOT a colour, but a shade.
You are shading yourself.
White people are the coloured ones, with the widest phenotype too. (Biology is also a study, like Darwin).

It’s like the hipster glasses “I’m such a nerd” thing plus cheap 80s romantic goth.
Please make it stop. It’s the new rawr. Proof enclosed:

You might say this ‘doesn’t matter’ but aesthetic is ours, that’s our culture swirling down the toilet of crap appropriation.

Should take the manosphere and alt whatever about five years to catch up to my sentiments again.

I await your responses, gentlemen.

Replacing religious cues for the out-group

A little above my usual MS paint fare but it’ll do.

I could do something more complex but you get the gist.

If monks weren’t writing the sins, they would’ve included cowardice because it clearly is a sin, from Thomas to Judas (it was the cowardice of the kiss, more than overt betrayal). However, they were the first “pacifists” (military dodgers) despite Jesus’ line about buying a sword.

It’s almost like certain groups wanted to weaken us by wedging in cowardly enabling as a virtue.

Reminder: at no point in the Bible was tolerance a virtue. “Hate what is evil, cling to what is good”.

In fact, in-group preference is literally a commandment – love your brother, your neighbour, the proximate, as yourself. Pathological altruism is the sort of prideful temptation we can only dub Satanic, it violates ‘honour thy mother and thy father’ and opposes the true meaning of ‘thou shalt not adulterate’ (your bloodline). People don’t save, unless you’re Jesus.

I don’t care if Vox Day rips this off one day, but include the accurate commentary like the true meaning of Thou shalt not adulterate, K?

Reminder: at no point does Jesus condemn slavery, in fact, he admonished slavers for not treating their slaves better. Nike and Apple – Christian in their slavery?

If I did Operation Evil

IF I did….

This job, this acceleration, calls for mid-00s Paris Hilton energy (drip).

Imagine the MSM’s confusion if all right-wingers started sporting this and chanting it when white ‘liberals’ spout their opinions. We can produce our own thought-terminating cliches or we’ll never defeat theirs.

There is literally no way for them to counter this.

Read Thought Prison for how their signals escalate anyway. Pip them to the post.

The new kangz narrative


This is how important optics are.
They steal the aesthetic, it dilutes it.
“”They’re”” noticing the return to tradition and this is part of the brainwashing about the new multikult normal.

Guard your culture.

I’ve seen a lot of that gatekeeping re feminine hobbies like sewing, like that born Jewess now witch “Bernadette” Banner. In the Victorian era, she’d have been living in the slums. Or on the street for being quite an obvious lesbian. But muh white women capes, right? Weird her interest in (white) history never discusses her own family, right? They don’t buy followers at all, their traction is utterly organic….

They want everyone else to take the culture, but we can’t ‘borrow’ theirs.

It isn’t ‘fantasy’ (that’s our medieval history) nor is it a costume for your LARPing.

SJW entryism into white culture – just say no.

Embrace culture, reject Marxism.

Don’t let them get the good rags.

The ‘dark academia’ thing (they stole) is non-whites dressing like self-respecting white people to steal our jobs. It’s literal white supremacy, sartorially. But – it’s okay when they do it.

My rural grandparents dressed “properly”, everybody did. White people are least likely to dress like thots and manwhores. The Jewess thing about ‘looking expensive’ must be ridiculed, please. It’s like the fags of datalounge creaming over looking WASPy while citing plain Catholics like frog-face Jackie. This bitch thinks tweed is fancy academia garb when it’s actually rural ‘bumpkin’ in England, it’s how gardeners dress!

Y’all dress like the help!

Tweed had a rep for smelling like piss, how fancy!

It’s the “please think I’m intellectual” thot. Minus nerd glasses. They pretend they’re superior to gold digger skin-showing thots. Can we make this like new fedora guy? But for sad SJW women?

They’re aged Harry Potter cosplayers who moved on from school uniforms and the manosphere needs to start a shaming effort of such a womanchild. HP isn’t even original, it ripped off the Worst Witch.

It reminds me of the tryhard goths who try to scare little kids in graveyards but you know they get offended by pronouns.

If you’re dressing modestly, people read you as Christian. We really need to drill that home.

It’s like thots wearing crosses, they must be stopped.

Bullshit Wiccans wore Celtic stuff long before the Maori bullshit they deride, when the Celtic swirl is actually a swastika.