Liberal heresy laws

Thou shalt not question liberal creationism. But sex/race is not biological, only sex-uality, somehow.
All inequalities are caused by individuals, but also systems, unless they repent.
Thou shalt not question the motives of any signalling nor its source.
Thou shalt be degenerate in thy sexuality, for the glory of herpes-san and the Glaxo stockholders.
Thou shalt corrupt thy youth, to better eliminate all possibility of traditional resurgence.
Thou shalt decry your inferiors as stupid, classism is encouraged. Thou shalt dehumanise the meek and poor, to protect them against themselves.
All disagreements are either ‘ignorant’ or false consciousness, a kind of evil possession by the spirit of Hitler. Thou shalt never consider the studies or proofs contra to the dogma. To be bigoted is good, unless one is ‘uneducated’.
Thou shalt support thy own destruction and advocate one’s own genocide by uplifting other races, level 1 Asian, level 2 African and level 3 the raceless, as your genetic and cultural superiors.
Thou shalt deny religion while adhering to cult-like tenets and never oppose its dogma.
Thou shalt call all virtues a vice, an oppression.
Thou shalt publicly proclaim the godly goodness of political correctness.
Thou shalt push secular dogma as normal and desirable conversation topics with strangers. Convert all unbelievers or else, shun them.
Thou shalt envy and beg the government punish them for the following sins;

  • being attractive,
  • being sexually pure,
  • being moral around the immoral, aka common sense, and thereby shaming them by negative example,
  • being hard-working,
  • being traditional
  • and blaspheming against these tenets with the unforgivable sin of original thought.

Thou shalt advocate eugenics, such as killing babies or the feeble and old, unless expressly described as such.
Thou shalt also proclaim the equality of humans as a species without laughing.
Thou shalt support the welfare cliff, to secure votes.
Thou shalt support white country colonialism, to secure votes.
Thou shalt oppose rape, unless it be corrective by a Muslim or a Jew.
Thou shalt push for freedom, via government surveillance and organ ownership.
Thou shalt censor the thoughts and thereby, the spirit.
In the holy name of futile usury, Amen.

inspired by Charlton’s Thought Prison.

old but gold

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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