Midwit IQ

The mid-wit wishes to be seen as high IQ while denying IQ altogether.
They’re a nitwit, really.
Our society conflates IQ with value and/or morality, something which annoys me, having quite a high IQ myself. Your IQ doesn’t make you pompous, that’s your parentage. It doesn’t make you morally superior, in fact, venal people tend to be midwits, but more effectively venal. Being moral is a choice anyone can make. ‘Smart’ people (slightly above average) are human parrots, effective at one skill, memory, yet they are prone to rationalisation (which idiots confuse for rationality) that their immorality is “actually” (atheist voice) pro-social and up is down. Appeal to exception is rampant on individual moral choices. But all population level stats are a grouping of individuals, so individual rationales ALSO apply. They deny basic statistical realities of formal logic and usurp it with subjective, projective rationalisations e.g. Group is dumb but Group controls the world. How? That is ill-logic, it does not compute, it literally does not add up. It’s P = Not-P. Their verbal fluidity + memory makes them glib and easy to hear but hard to understand. They lack cogency, which would be overt in transcript.

A rationalisation study in midwit men is needed, men rationalise more than women from social conditioning. Women are corrected young, since it’s emotionally grounded. Lower IQ men, while claiming to be high IQ, also deny any of their cognitions are emotionally grounded (nope, you’re human too dude).

IQ is an academic measure to improve academic learning, it isn’t a cap on skills. It’s general.

also LOL at thinking 130 is a high IQ. I meet those people all the time, not really.

Most midwits are like 115-125, very conformist.

It’s quite common for the high IQ to be capable of ‘spotting’ it in the wild. Nothing to do with liking someone or whether they agree with us. It’s possible to read anyone with the same or lower IQ to oneself.

After a while, as a kid, I figured I could spot someone’s IQ just by letting them rant for a while. With no input from me, you get their stream of consciousness, so it’s quite easy to get a feel for where they generally stand (factors like cogency, agility, vocal/neural speed). It’s like a mind map, or a forensic profile.

If you get good, you can also predict a conversation topic or ‘argument’ like five points deep. This is easiest with NPCs. It makes networking very dull. Do not try to learn it. It is hell. I wish I didn’t automatically do this, it’s like autocomplete on the other party’s arguments. I use to time them on my watch.

They need to do IQ studies where they test each bracket’s conformity with newspaper opinions. Easy to do.

The autism thing is a distraction intended to pathologise white men. Most autists are highly studied, it’s a selection bias. Most high IQ people are NOT autistic and most autists have LOW IQ (check child psych.). Also, you don’t need to be autistic to be a savant. It’s a Venn. There are non-autistic savants, the black swans exist. I have a couple of savant skills myself, and having been tested for many things including empathy (long story), not at all autistic. I got full empathy scores under lab conditions (facial recognition, inc micro-expressions). (Autism is characterized as a “low empathy” condition like sociopathy).

It’s really insulting to hear something like “you have a high IQ, so you must be autistic” or random normie men like “you’re smart, huh, you must have autism” it’s as nonsensical as the non sequitur of “you just ate an ice cream, you must be diabetic”.

I really prefer the other Dutton (psychopath researcher) because this guy is a total midwit. He parrots information like the autism conflation by one Jewish researcher (Baron-Cohen*). He uses Sheldon Cooper (fiction!) as an ANECDOTE.

Anecdotal fallacy, please stop.

*Smart white men are bad because ‘male brain’ – like REALLY? Most autism researchers disdain him. He’s a pig.

Midwits are facile, VAPID. Midwit men are VAPID. Verbally fluent but VAPID.

Like how only men care about leasing the latest sportscars. Vapidity. The variable needed.

This guy’s takes, for example, are wiki tier. I say that as someone who wrote many of those wiki pages. Many moons ago. I now know better than the information placed there. I just wanted to help other kids with homework.

Status signalling is not intelligence. It’s political piety plus narcissism. You need a religiosity metric of conformity.

He’s over-using the word ‘select’.

Social rewards DO NOT translate to breeding, especially in spiteful mutants.

Google Jayman’s work on “liberal fertility” for midwit applications. Basic HBD.

Another non seq. Ugh. No mention of communication gap at 30p differential or greater.

Self-delusion is not THOUGHT. It is rationalisation. They begin with the end.

Sweeping statements, pseudo-intellectual posing as morally superior.

But also seeing too many connections is schizophrenic or psychotic.

Approx 28m on he’s describing himself. Thousands of views? Do not expect full explanations from a youtube video, damn. Most of his audience are the midwit type who’d have been atheistkult ten years ago.

29m – that’s why I left. They’re actually relational narcissists. Pathologically. Test academics for narcissism, I dare you.

Autism isn’t descriptive Re IQ – especially since most are LOW IQ, if you actually had the intellectual honesty to check. It’s like getting average height for IQ150, being that height doesn’t make you that IQ. It doesn’t work like that, especially since high IQ is NOT a pathology, but autism IS a pathology.

The false equivalence is infuriating. 

Academia (using PC) tells white people that being high IQ is a pathology. That isn’t science, it’s cultural Marxism.

Shaming the very people who’d question or oppose them (Read Thought Prison). Except shaming doesn’t work on the highest IQs.

Do they ever shame non-whites as retarded (low IQ, autistic) for being high IQ? Nope, it’s systemic racism but demonstrably real.

Midwits are not open-minded but gullible.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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