Less than cannon fodder

Many men are worthless. Not spiritually but, practically. It’s a choice they made. Think of the gym bros with implants on steroids. Those muscles exist to look perdy. Their joints are wrecked.
They wouldn’t be useful as cannon fodder, even, due to their innate postmodern cowardice.
They’d threaten to sue if a girl punched them in defence, that type.
The military now admits many men are useless i.e. not fighting fit, without going into IQ.

Some of PMs collection is a cope by obese losers that they’ll have their pick of Da Girls when they couldn’t help gather a single wheat crop. If you’re lazy, you’re easy to rob. Own all the guns you want, the women can and will just poison you. This is why ‘harems’ have never existed in Europe – too many toxic plants all around. Rapists wouldn’t get away with it here, if WROL conditions happened.

The so-called patriarchal Middle-Easterners here rely on their mothers and sisters to live. They can’t use a washing machine or cook. They’re mentally dead and their women must infantilise them. They ‘control’ their women out of need, not choice. It’s the low IQ standard of living. Again, this doesn’t work on a high IQ population.

You can’t print your way out of shit character, America.

I’ve seen some Polish leeches brag about moving to America to leech, put them to work first. We called them slavs because it’s the only thing they’re good for – apart from trafficking their own sisters to Arabs and complaining about muh demographics. By all means, utilize your white trash, the actual trash not just the poor, especially since they brag about being so ‘traditional’ and ‘masculine’. Earn your crusts, chumps. No free rides.

Men used to be disposable. Now most humans (and so also men) are also an active burden on any kinsmen.

nb Women use ‘soyboy’ to mean most men, the weaklings, not just vegans. Ask women to describe soyboys, open-endedly. You’ll hear ‘manchild’ most likely. They earned disrespect, if anything.

In the scenario suggested by the pragmatic, useful man, even I can see the obvious solution.

You lie to the guy with the gold to bury it. Let him dig his own grave. Kill him with the aid of the other guy. Split the gold.

I grew up sheltered and I can see it, why can’t they?

Postmodern men are not gentlemen, they’re degenerate. You shouldn’t expect or feel entitled to honour.

They think they can just trespass on a farm, on a HOME, and just get away with it?

Borders aren’t just national.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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