The new kangz narrative

This is how important optics are.
They steal the aesthetic, it dilutes it.
“”They’re”” noticing the return to tradition and this is part of the brainwashing about the new multikult normal.

Guard your culture.

I’ve seen a lot of that gatekeeping re feminine hobbies like sewing, like that born Jewess now witch “Bernadette” Banner. In the Victorian era, she’d have been living in the slums. Or on the street for being quite an obvious lesbian. But muh white women capes, right? Weird her interest in (white) history never discusses her own family, right? They don’t buy followers at all, their traction is utterly organic….

They want everyone else to take the culture, but we can’t ‘borrow’ theirs.

It isn’t ‘fantasy’ (that’s our medieval history) nor is it a costume for your LARPing.

SJW entryism into white culture – just say no.

Embrace culture, reject Marxism.

Don’t let them get the good rags.

The ‘dark academia’ thing (they stole) is non-whites dressing like self-respecting white people to steal our jobs. It’s literal white supremacy, sartorially. But – it’s okay when they do it.

My rural grandparents dressed “properly”, everybody did. White people are least likely to dress like thots and manwhores. The Jewess thing about ‘looking expensive’ must be ridiculed, please. It’s like the fags of datalounge creaming over looking WASPy while citing plain Catholics like frog-face Jackie. This bitch thinks tweed is fancy academia garb when it’s actually rural ‘bumpkin’ in England, it’s how gardeners dress!

Y’all dress like the help!

Tweed had a rep for smelling like piss, how fancy!

It’s the “please think I’m intellectual” thot. Minus nerd glasses. They pretend they’re superior to gold digger skin-showing thots. Can we make this like new fedora guy? But for sad SJW women?

They’re aged Harry Potter cosplayers who moved on from school uniforms and the manosphere needs to start a shaming effort of such a womanchild. HP isn’t even original, it ripped off the Worst Witch.

It reminds me of the tryhard goths who try to scare little kids in graveyards but you know they get offended by pronouns.

If you’re dressing modestly, people read you as Christian. We really need to drill that home.

It’s like thots wearing crosses, they must be stopped.

Bullshit Wiccans wore Celtic stuff long before the Maori bullshit they deride, when the Celtic swirl is actually a swastika.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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