Replacing religious cues for the out-group

A little above my usual MS paint fare but it’ll do.

I could do something more complex but you get the gist.

If monks weren’t writing the sins, they would’ve included cowardice because it clearly is a sin, from Thomas to Judas (it was the cowardice of the kiss, more than overt betrayal). However, they were the first “pacifists” (military dodgers) despite Jesus’ line about buying a sword.

It’s almost like certain groups wanted to weaken us by wedging in cowardly enabling as a virtue.

Reminder: at no point in the Bible was tolerance a virtue. “Hate what is evil, cling to what is good”.

In fact, in-group preference is literally a commandment – love your brother, your neighbour, the proximate, as yourself. Pathological altruism is the sort of prideful temptation we can only dub Satanic, it violates ‘honour thy mother and thy father’ and opposes the true meaning of ‘thou shalt not adulterate’ (your bloodline). People don’t save, unless you’re Jesus.

I don’t care if Vox Day rips this off one day, but include the accurate commentary like the true meaning of Thou shalt not adulterate, K?

Reminder: at no point does Jesus condemn slavery, in fact, he admonished slavers for not treating their slaves better. Nike and Apple – Christian in their slavery?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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