Sure they did

It wasn’t like religion has referred to humans and the soul in terms of pure light since FOREVER.

I’ve called it hard light too. What we think of as ‘energy’ is more like vapour in terms of metaphor. It’s a weak form of the same phenomenon.

This explains many parts of the Bible e.g. sin against one’s own body, or body as Temple. Well, if every body is a light body (from God…)….

Lord said Let there be LIGHT (life)….

Zeus has lightning bolts. How long until they figure out the crystal part?

They’ve already overlooked Darwin’s original work on genes (not what you think, broader) so…. I can wait.

I’m not helping. The super high IQ just prefer to let Prestigious Academia flounder.

The genome has a structure, remember. And unlike the Creationists claim, it is NOT static. Evolution is a force, mutation affects microbes too….

I’ve seen academics rip off youtubers before.

Reminder: e=mc^2 was NOT Einstein, he ripped off an Italian. (DePrento? I believe?) Henri Poincare deserved Einstein’s rep but the MSM ignored him.

Yes, an Italian.

The energy equivalence was actually Tesla, as a concept, who discussed in an interview telling Einstein about it.

He also tried for an equation for the Swami. Years prior. When Einstein was a dumb little baby.

A Frenchwoman almost discovered e=mc^2 by experiment in the 18th century (she was Voltaire’s lover) but her scales were slightly off. Hollywood is a propaganda machine for America to corrupt the world with lies.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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