It isn’t racist if they do it

The West is so cucked… sorry, I mean fucked.

I guarantee if we mocked his eyes or his vocal fry we’d get arrested.

Most perplexing:

  1. Acting like all white people look alike. 2. confusing us with the Germans. Like nah, most white people weren’t Nazis or you wouldn’t be here. At all.

It’s interesting to see the weebs become actively anti-white (cough Black Pigeon Speaks* cough) and consider us all trash for merely existing in native white countries (cough cuck cough) meanwhile their ‘always polite Asian friends’ are openly discussing shit like this, like we’re all debauched** scum.
Asians say worse about us in private, especially about the weebs.

They’re not Based, they’re socialists with social graces.

Interestingly, that audience was polite laughing at the lowest volume (i.e. vocally upset), and as lower middle class (they polite laugh, nobody else) I know for a fact they’ve been to Butlins at least once for the excuse to drink, it used to be quite posh in the 50s/60s, so a foreigner criticizing it is horribly offensive because it’s now where the poorest of poor and disabled people go. Laughing at someone for having no money for new teeth, how brave. How classy.

The security guards should’ve just left him there. The whole bit is “poor white people exist, LOL, middle-class white people, right? All you do is eat cheese and inherit.”

Is this comedy? I’ve noticed even the white anti-wife (anti-natal) comedy is slowly being phased out for Chinks. I guess they had it coming.

**I’ve yet to see a Butlins where they whored out their underage children to international pedophiles and called it culture but sure. You’re so cultured in your ‘academic’ shit brown turtleneck. Asian gammas are the worst.

*makes the same Terrible White People, I feel sorry for you post-waifu regret cope video five hundred times in a row. Weebs get offended when the West carries on without them.

One response to “It isn’t racist if they do it

  1. Gen George Patton learned what a nasty, despicable, corrosive, manipulative, lying bunch the jews that started WWII was and said we fought the wrong enemy. They quickly killed him to keep him from telling America (the world).

    Both American and British leaders were controlled by this same bunch and LOOK at what we have now.

    Yes. We fought the wrong enemy.

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