They’re banking on live shedding for a 2nd wave

NHS workers “just following orders” are going to come into schools without parental information or consent (no forms, no warning) and force vaccines onto kids. It’s already begun.

Nazi Health Service. This is how another T4 starts.

pass it on

‘Why else want them in schools?

They want them there now but not during exam time? Why else?

A lot of schools are also sending letters saying when a ‘flu vaccine’ will happen, not asking.

Despite Nuremberg code, no forcing permitted of anything medical. Where is the uproar?

You need a collective lawsuit, nothing else gets to civil servants than maybe getting them fired.

The stupid Boomers voted for socialism, they will appear to die by socialism.

Voting in all the pension gibs will prove to have been useless if you’re too dead to use it.

Why do you think they want kids in schools?

The child flu vaccine is inhaled….
Because that isn’t creepy and open for public use.

Nuremberg code?

UK Parliament petition would work better.
“We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to do the right thing for their own health, and for the benefit of the wider community.”

What community? Community has no body, community is unscientific, anti-biology. I’m only responsible by law for myself. I can’t be imprisoned because somebody else murdered, raped, stole, drank and drive etc.

“It is vital that a significant proportion of people who are offered take up a Covid-19 vaccine in order to protect themselves as well as other vulnerable individuals.”

They fail to tell us the sig %, conveniently and I am not responsible for a fellow adult.

There are many nonsensical ones too.
“The Government is funding a NIHR Policy Research Unit in Maternal and Neonatal Health and Care study into factors associated with the higher risk of maternal death for Black and South Asian women.”
It’s genetic. You cannot make it equal. You are not God.
“The Government would prefer animals to be stunned before slaughter but is committed to protecting the rights of Jews and Muslims to eat meat prepared in accordance with their religious beliefs.”

Animal abuse is legal for your sky fairy of choice. They could always…. import it?
Isn’t that against habeas corpus and the Magna Carta? Since they’re technically acting on behalf of the Crown?
“However, in 1998, Parliament made clear in a free vote, that it was opposed to the death penalty for all offences.”
That isn’t the People. That’s the Blair government. Blair also happens to be a traitor and has overseen invasion, child rape etc. I wonder why he pushed for this. No national treason > no nation.
“The effect of this is that Parliament will not be able to reintroduce the death penalty in peacetime without denouncing the Convention as a whole.”
So we’re still part of Europe.

The common sense petitions get no recognition.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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