They’re opening up the flight logs, are they?

CDAN drop ‘guesses’, reposting from AC comments many months back.



Angelina Jolie Illuminati ‘Sex List’ Leaked Online

It never used to have a context box.

My ‘guess’ as to one of the men:

Causes supported include human trafficking.

Age of consent in Serbia is 14.

“I am not even including all the producers and directors who are making thousands of hours a year of child porn by filming it in countries where the age of consent is ridiculously low and doing so with the full consent of the film commission in the government.”

Remember this next time some pedo says “but it’s legal there!” who do you imagine writes the laws?

Nephew keeps trying to be famous and is pushed despite zero talent – and does one-eye poses e.g.

and just attended his first Met Gala.

The uncle was in one of “Jeffrey”‘s black books but nobody mentioned it.

Except for me of course.


A link to Meghan’s charity directed to Gold Digger.

Who would do that?


State grooming of children into r

I noticed “early” (forced, aka socially pressured by ‘Sex Ed’ teachers) masturbation triggers menarche from certain girls at school. We all noticed the connection in them. This is a dark reason to “abolish” consent age laws, the ‘if it bleeds’ way of pedo-spotting.

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