Family units are made by avoiding family destroyers

Weird I’m shown this after watching ONE Better Bachelor video. Almost like these education videos make the r-types reeee. Hey, when anything gets big it becomes mainstream info and you can’t put the rattlesnake back in the bag. The narcissism signs channels also get pushed (go incognito to see)…. silly broflakes. Aren’t you ‘proud’ if you’re doing ‘nothing wrong’?

Much is said online of f-f gaslighting, like SJW propaganda that all men are scum but m-f gaslighting is more damaging to society and its future prospects, especially when deceptively aimed at sheltered K-women to impair bonding and exploit that damage. You get the rare female ‘player’ types like Amber Heard but all these antisocial tricks are sociopathic so it’s just ASPD prevalence in the population anyway. Sociopaths are scum, there are just more male ones. If I didn’t grow up in a redpill household I might’ve fallen for some of these myself, women are too trusting, it’s the oestrogen. It’s a genetic fallacy to assume the quality of men acting toward women is the same as the 1950s, let alone 1850s, and since men lead society, the bad example brings everyone down by standard. Moral decline is male-led.
However, society (America, cornerstone of The West) has become more psychopathic – hedonic, sexually promiscuous, violent crime/sadistic media, no future goals, parasitic lifestyle, compulsive (sweet) lies, takes no responsibility (hypoagency in adults). The Weinsteins have written the rulebooks. Hollywood romcoms suck ON PURPOSE. Happily married women don’t go to see them!
Men are natural liars, hence the glibness and superficial charm of psychopaths, who are almost exclusively male. Also, all great actors are men because men are natural born liars, character is overcoming that for integrity. That’s why female character doesn’t work the same and female liars are considered masculine (usually lesbian). If you have sisters, mothers, daughters, friends you care about, help the fellow Ks to avoid r-types in ALL forms. There is no Sisterhood or Bro Code, those are collectivist (multicultural*) r-select psyops. They are thought-terminating cliche to gaslight a group that translate as ‘injure your prospects to benefit me’. Toxic friendships are one thing, avoiding deadbeats saves LIVES.


Shannon writes: “Tell yourself all the things you want to hear. “I’m beautiful, smart,etc…so you are not waiting for a man to tell you what you already know. Men will say and do anything to just use you. Know your worth!”

Good advice to avoid all glib predators. I grew up hearing nice things so when I heard them from users, I just shrugged and agreed because my parents loved me…. this pissed them off. This was instructive. Predators hate healthy self-esteem so they try to enable the insecurity of the young (parenting other people’s kids – creepy!) to make for easier pickings later or outright target the young (legally or illegally). Pedos are just the lazy sexual predators, all humans are objects to them, some on the lowest shelf to grab.
‘Game’ is not normal, it’s a term describing the gaslighting of sexual slavery. It normalises sexual predation, something patriarchy always condemned. It is actively anti-K by exploiting that gene pool and damaging its monogamous courtship model, it’s sexual strategy sabotage of Ks by r. We need to establish ways to raise good children who can navigate the low-trust psychopathic society. There’s no ability to mince words because well-raised children ARE naive.

Monet: “I always hear men say “Women don’t know what they want” heard that my whole life everywhere”
Only from the low IQ ones, projecting. They wait to see a woman they like and conform to her, for a while. PDs do this, especially BPD and HPD. Women seem to have life goals as teens: marriage yes, kids yes, where to live. Men are more freeform and the dumb ones have no concrete plans at all. Voting was based on property ownership to exclude the useless nomadic bachelor and Sparta actively taxed them for being parasites. Low IQ people project, it’s just that statistically, there are more low IQ men than women and society doesn’t notice the women due to normal socialisation skills.
Anytime you hear a sweeping statement complaint, with no data (or the contrary data) then it’s a projection. So much cope. If women were aimless and useless, the female suicide rate would dwarf the male and we don’t live in that world. The low IQ complain of a thing while also denying it in the same sentence because they assume everyone else is too stupid to notice too. Women have higher verbal IQs, that’s why women are turned off so many men. It’s our way of testing their IQ. So women want to TALK – in person, which shits up low IQ men. They panic without the digital crutch. Anyone can sound smart online (allo allo allo). They have to check-in with other men what to say because they’re too stupid to form a sentence (ghetto women too, both groups low IQ). The romance novel leads are always ELOQUENT. PUAs sell communication copy/paste hackjobs.
“Women don’t know what they want” – projection AND gaslighting. Women aren’t confused, they just disagree with you – probably because you’re stupid. These men who constantly bump into ‘crazy’ people never like to be asked, have you ever tried to see it through their eyes?

Low IQ has no insight, no empathy.

They need forums of other predators because their interpersonal retardation requires a collective hivemind, spoon-feeding ‘insights’ by crowd sourcing. They cannot think by themselves. They read every trendy self-improvement book going*, too. Trash brains.

Have you ever considered, you might be stupid? Smart people do. Stupid people don’t (fragile ego) and never ever improve, so all other people are ‘crazy’ or have an ‘attitude problem’. Maaaybe it’s you. Low IQ cannot mentalise somebody smarter than they are, so cognitive dissonance rationalises as ‘crazy’ or in cases of morality ’emotional’. Yes, serial killers view it like this too. They only killed three people omg.

Arm mothers and daughters with wisdom.

*Antisocial predators hate people discussing their ‘tactics’. Even tactics is aggressive language re intimacy. It’s not a war. The violence is implied by a predator/prey dynamic. A sneaky underhand coercive predation. Greene’s ‘seduction’ book (seduction is still illegal on American law books) calls the woman the ‘target’ – but all they want is fuzzy romance, right?

They’ll never get it

The left enjoy their Marxist bigotry, it makes them feel superior.

They want that feeling, they don’t actually care how. Guarding death camps would be fine by them, if you ask on the quiet. ‘Depends if the wrong sort is in them’. Insane people are prone to such extreme rationalisation. Cmon, they justify and encourage white genocide. Clearly we’re working with the white collar psychopaths in the population. They call rape victim children hookers!! They also think Satanism is its own religion, rather than just a terror cell network of Christian genocide forces. It isn’t stupidity, everyone is too scared to call a spade a spade – they’re evil. Evil ENJOYS it.

They’re big on BDSM like the fraud Kinsey because they’re sadists.

Marxists (the new Left) are adopting the noble loser sentiment from neocons. “We lost but we’re NICE!” – no, you’re not?

Xenoestrogens in women

Recommended this after a Clarey video, must be the discussion of hormones in the algo.
I think this explains the contentment in singleness, newfound. The lone 50s comparison study is a cope, over-cited by the ‘redpill’ as confirmation bias, since marriage reduces female lifespan the study that controls for partner absence/presence is legitimate methodology and married women are generally miserable compared to single peers on many metrics. But female suicide is never like male. With the postmodern pressures of Supermum duty and the pressure to be active and masculine too, like a second husband, this dissatisfaction with modern marriage is understandable. Men get high on service, that spike in T, just look at the military. Women just get burned out.
I believe MGTOW have higher oestrogen, they seem to have higher voices. Low pitch men tend to want marriage and especially monogamy, fidelity. There’s more mate guarding and sexual jealousy. They crave that union that releases oestrogen to balance their natural T. Women also replaced husbands with friend groups, the ‘support network’ men can’t really do. I have noted a trend in men only dating because they want therapy and think women could/should give them this – NO, go to a real therapist. Do not date to complain about your problems. She is not your mother, you’ll attract a personality disorder that way. Look at Harry and Meghan – LOOK AT THEM. Same goes for women dating for therapy sometimes but they rarely burden men with their emotional labour. That’s exhausting, why do you think shrinks are paid so much?
The duality of the sexes must be recognised without shame. A sizeable chunk of the manosphere is actively misogynist polluting the discourse on healthy marriages out of spite for their fellow man (if I can’t have it, no one can!*) and tries to justify it by the mere existence of misandry – the same thing misandrists do… Feminine things and ladies’ priorities are not weak/silly/crazy/inferior/hysterical/stupid and if you think otherwise you just plain don’t like women. Try dating men, really. If you want a man mentally, just date one? Misandrists call men the same dismissive things and it isn’t cricket either. Nobody is biologically inferior or weak, God made both. Different is not crazy, that’s just silly. Biology isn’t a marker of immaturity, it’s healthy. They shame women about being women, about being men, about ‘trying to be’ men (whatever that means), about trying to be neither – no wonder women avoid them and mentally check out! They just plain don’t like women, it’s the common denominator.
*Sabotage you see in SJWs saying get fat and tatted.
You get ‘I shouldn’t have to pay for the meal’ when that’s what a date is. Otherwise you’re friends ‘hanging out’ and she’ll ‘flake’ accordingly**. Do you want to be the man or not? These guys want their cake and to eat it. If you’re the masculine provider, it shouldn’t be ‘equal’, that’s an SJW trope and look – they’re not happy.

XEs are messing everyone up but I feel it’s making some men feel entitled to caregiving – like a woman. They think like a woman, that’s why they mentally compete with women, it’s like they’re turning partially homosexual in gender – if not sexuality. Too much fluidity, which they blame on women and ‘society’ – if your hormones are screwy, that ain’t on me. Your insecurity isn’t society’s fault, fatphobia people try the same BS.

As an outsider – It’s like they’re (American MGTOW) holding (American) women to ransom on their fertility, as if they have gold-plated sperm, only to realise –bitterly– that sperm is cheap. It’s always cheap. It’s evobio. Don’t like it? Get a sex change, seriously. Women won’t chase you, at least never the feminine ones you psychologically want. Their physiology is at cross purposes. The sexes are not and should not be the same but they actually believe postmodern lies. It’s a huge bluff and they’re being called on it. What kind of idiot thinks women want to give birth? Women can get the oestrogen in many ways, like adopting a puppy. That’s why men get dogs. They’re broody. Women are being replaced with pets too. The Romans did this as they declined. They spoiled their dogs like children. Visitors were disgusted because patriarchs replacing their role of mastery (and duty) is existentially morbid and morally perverse.

Anti-marriage bigots mentioned above (they are, by definition) giving advice on marriage is like asking the ‘fatphobia’ people for diet advice.

nb Women need that marital romance for oestrogen, makes sense I guess.
Men are replacing their T with porn and FPS video games. They literally only want a wife when those two supernormal stimuli are dropped. The Marxists control them for this reason. SJWs get scared when men give up porn because it takes back their power i.e. control of their hormones.

**Flake is a cope for men repeatedly abandoned by women expecting them to grow up. Women don’t have a group chat trying to ‘string them along’, they always repeat toxic behaviours usually after a certain time period and poof the woman disappears. What was he always doing just before she disappeared? They get weirdly defensive when you ask this question.

Video: 5,000 year bond bubble

The arrogance of the dudebros on their little forums is extraordinary.

>5,000-year high
>tHiS tImE iS dIffErEnt

And they’ll still cry to the rest of us that they weren’t warned and we owe their third wife a bailout to keep her in shitty Hermes horsies.

Seriously, look up some Youtube videos on those things. It’s obscene.

History books will call the 20th the Century of Socialism, where mass hysteria was caused by a fervent atheist belief in the sanctity of retirement with no kids, a new model of polite slavery, of other peoples’.

But America is socialist?

You’ve been importing collectivist races for decades.

When they voted Bigger Gov… What did you expect?

Segregation was inevitable.

Nobody simps like weebs.

America has been warned. It chose genetic suicide and outbreeding depression. At least you had some authentic restaurants and made some “investors” very rich. For all the British Empire’s faults, we were a global, traditional ethnostate, with high marriage and birth rates, with no glorification of melting pots. The history books will consider America a study in white guilt and mass psychosis. Pathological altruism on an entire nation. It is a shame Molyneux’s video on PA was removed.

Social justice is a middle-class cope

They all got so offended over the buying college places scam because it interferes with their own scam, they weren’t pearl-clutching out of genuine opposition.
If you’re buying your kid extra time with a teacher (“tutor”) out of hours then you’ve cheated and bought their way into a better grade, it’s that simple. The entire purpose behind standardised i.e. state-regulated testing was to prevent rich kids from rigging it. Schools are capped at X hours per subject because otherwise the test is an INVALID marker of merit. If School A studies in session for 20 hours compared to poorer School B with only the resources for 10 hours then duh School A will get better grades in the league tables because it’s rigged. This is based on nurture theory too but all of Social Justice ignores this because they’re pretending they aren’t anti-merit and that buying extra lessons over the state limit is ethical. It isn’t ethical, it isn’t moral, it’s overt CHEATING. The input must be the SAME for it to count as a fair ‘test’ of innate ability. I’m sick of normalised classism.
It’s also far less common for white parents to cheat like this, out of a sense of ‘fair play’ (as they designed the system), causing strange results where low-IQ nationals like Indians get far higher grades – that’s why.
Also, how is lying on your transcript, forging higher grades or paying a service to write a ‘better’ college application not fraud? Why is this one form of fraud, that a lot of future earnings rely on and changes lives, not pursued in the courts? Why can the privileged kids (fresh adults) get away with corruption at the earliest level? The system is rigged against the honest, it isn’t about being smart, it’s become about what your parents buy you.

Besides, political correctness is thoroughly capitalistic. What is PC always enables companies to betray countries, to secure cheaper labour. If the companies weren’t traitors hiring foreign tokens, would multiculturalism exist? A Project Evil would involve securing ever-higher wages for non-whites until they became unemployable.
And SJWs claim to be against The System of capitalism?
SJWs are among nature’s clowns. Mother Nature dislikes delusion.
I’m anti-colonialism, the PC term for colonialism is multiculturalism.

Even the Beige People Cultural Marxist planned “citizens of the world” aren’t happy in this system.
p.s. Seen a raft of ‘concerned’ dudebro parents to mongrel kids wondering why little Noah is showing signs of Elliot Rodger dysfunction in white societies.
Marrying into a low IQ nation and then complaining your offspring is thick is like being tall, marrying a short-arse and then openly wondering why your child isn’t as tall as you. You picked the shit genetics, it’s so available because it’s low value. It makes even less sense for recessive-gened human beings. It’s peak SJW to assume all people, men OR women, are interchangeable cogs. They’re not. I think people can confuse copycat industrialisation with the native intelligence. Some nations are heavily industrialised e.g. China, Russia, America, with absolutely shit-tier national IQs ( mid-high 90s, sub-100 if you look around at the rural/normal population). Up until recently, Korea accomplished nothing and its people lived in squalor, yet you still find weebs glamorising their ‘culture’ of conspicuous (heavily American) consumerism and debt as if skyscrapers make for intelligence. Africa is now heavily industrialised, they have skyscrapers. Their countries and people are still usually thick as pig shit. Rice-cookers are learning the same lessons as mudsharks before them: thou shalt not adulterate. It would be better to move the mixes to the low-IQ nation or else they’ll never gain an advantage in life and always be a small fish in a bigger economic (high IQ economy) pond, like the fully foreign immigrants wondering why muh Magic Dirt didn’t work. I guess they’ll ‘have to’ hire him a tutor because little Noah needs ‘extra help’ even passing…. these people cannot run a society, they cannot even tolerate this, the easiest laziest societies of decadence ever, without freely expressing antisocial behaviour and mental health problems (i.e. there is no model minority). We have a new raft of credentialed buffoons and nobody knows what to do (other than deport, peacefully). This problem won’t go away, it’ll get worse as JB Peterson predicted, with economies demanding higher IQ and making more and more vibrants utterly useless eaters. The workers will not stand to pay useless breeders from the out-group, in-group was bad enough. I doubt the mongrel types would think they’re suited for manual labour based on the parents’ delusions of First World grandeur (you must be doctor/lawyer/broker) despite their regressed to the lower couple mean then swamped with genetic load DNA suggesting this as the only viable route in Western economies. Yet nobody is talking about this. The immigrants expect to hire white chefs and cleaners one day, when IQ indicates they’re only fit to be those things. Unrest will follow. Europe never had a paved with gold become anything narrative but they’re misapplying the American Edwardian rhetoric to us. Pathological altruism fails nations.

So don’t pity the class and national traitors slipping out of the middle-class, their jobs are being replaced because they voted and lobbied it so. Naive to think collectivists would allow whites to lead them forever, rather than amassing the numbers and swarming us. They laughed when factories closed, jobs went overseas or online and they preferentially hired their own ‘exotic’ replacements over domestic native workers. Do not pity the death of the enforcers of PC, the middle-class. They’d have been guards to your re-education camp. Nothing can change until they lose social power.

They placed a cheap nanny over the fate of the country, they deserve to fail and their social mobility ought to go down. The Lord is just.

Video: Engineered Apathy

Be-FORe Order from Chaos, Ignorance causes Apathy and hence, Chaos.

I probably should have explained that. You have to see bleak black evil things to appreciate the light and that’s rare and why I seem blackpill sometimes, nobody else was covering certain topics so I had to. Most people are swallowed by abyss but I just wanted to see it. Note it, move on. Do not dawdle and be one of those bitter, angry nihilist types. It’s a blackhole, it sucks you in with its gravity of evil, it TOO is a trap, a bluepill. They want you hopeless, partially informed hopeless people never become fully informed, they give up and stay WEAK. AKA easier to control than normies.

Marx called it ‘false consciousness’ – that is its true form.

Tweedle Dum writes: “Hence the Cremation of Care at Bohemian Grove every year, see youtube.” BINGO

and everybody clapped

One time, this Big Red SJW crossed with Trigglypuff showed up at his workplace, and he punched her for talking about pronouns, and everybody clapped. Sure it was just on a forum but it’s 100% true because nobody lies on forums, that’s illegal.

I see where the atheistkult emptied out to. These guys are cancer to any belief system, becoming total laughing stocks with their gamma arrogance i.e. Superior to every woman because Manly Man card, amirite? Because it isn’t like women read more books than men, is it? Nope, it’s a macho manly hobby because THOSE EXIST.*

*The only manly hobby is pissing standing up.

Victorian etiquette – most still applies?

Most of us still abide by these rules generally? The only exceptions are chavs and chavettes, that’s why we look down on them as bestial people, quite feral. We need to bring back general consideration of other people (high trust behaviour) but at least it exists in my social circles…

It’s funny that Americans view this as so improbable and old-fashioned when most of those rules still apply today here. Like, English people don’t speak to strangers in the street, but a man speaking a woman (especially a lone woman) is expected to be a thief at best or more likely a rapist, causing foreign PUAs to complain online and nag that their ‘game’ doesn’t work in England because the English still living here view their predations on random women as well, …predatory, and opportunistic (BECAUSE THEY ARE) or at least uncouth. Women can speak to men first because there’s no physical threat but if she’s trying to lure him elsewhere the same caution applies. We view it as common sense really. Flirts are unpopular, especially the men. I remember one man who was a bit foreign in upbringing and didn’t ‘get it’ going around a large packed room asking half the women out (myself included) and had the nerve to be offended we all turned him down. It was detestable. Dating too many people is frowned upon and asking too many people out will get you a reputation, since it’s insulting to the quality of that person. Hollywood lies. Players are isolated here, if you keep bringing pests to parties you’ll stop getting invited yourself. The men in the room didn’t like him either and he was ostracized for a while after. The guys going on about The Good Old Days never stop to think how much of their own conduct would be stigmatized. They’d be the loser of the group like that guy, they’d probably be the reject of any Patriarchy, which frowns on bachelors until they’re proven trustworthy (aka not creepy, gay or a secret pedo). The scorecard looks completely different to degenerate coastal America. We are not socially postmodern, Westminster types do not count. We still have the gentleman ideal, we call him professional or polite.

It’s easy to play spot the (coastal, urban) American when they complain a lady never held the door open for them. I was raised to do that all the time growing up and it was normal, if I touched the door first while wearing trousers and flatter shoes or if a man was carrying something heavy with both hands.It’s common sense. Women seldom do if we wear a dress and heels because of the skirt length and heels. Etiquette then dictates not to. In the evening, men always open the doors. It’s a masculine thing. Also, we avoid doing it for men we sense fancy us because foreigners in particular view manners as a pick-up. …It’s a door.

The ‘domineering’ point is correct, it’s viewed as mental abuse, an unhealthy power dynamic. How insecure must a man be? The man is viewed as cruel and passed over by the woman (if she’s smart) and at work (since he cannot lead normally). Since women are gentler, it’s akin to bullying a child. We can’t fist fight into honour, nothing to do with intellect. You’re also supposed to hear women out and find common agreement, more than turning reddit atheistkult and playing Well Actually… So-called negging is viewed as quite homosexual, although you obviously won’t see that in books. It’s the main gay flirting tactic so confusing to apply to women, who will assume you’re bi minimum. I’ve seen American men try it on to ‘AMOG’ in English circles and be confused when it never worked. We don’t like homo-erotic bullies? A lot of metrosexual bitchy whining nagging behaviour is viewed as urban effete American and avoided. Like accidental texts about a woman being too fat/ugly after she turns down a man…. I cannot believe adults consider that acceptable. All the cowardly stuff is to be avoided, anything that triggers mantrums: Long rants about ‘females’, how your exes were all ‘crazy’ – people assume it was your fault. You picked them all. People assume you’re a crazy-maker and two-faced. Assuming all marriages are unhappy says a lot about your class level. Assuming race-mixing is normal suggests your friends lack in traditional principles and have bad taste (xenophilia), lots of things ‘give away’ the fake Ks pretending they aren’t PC when they think what is normal truly, statistically is not. Too much Ikea, clothing minimalism, a bachelor identity they cling to like a male cat lady, liking crude violent sexual humour e.g. bang… it’s repulsive to English people generally. Refusing to acknowledge these are rude when it’s explained is gaslighting, since we know our own culture and we don’t want to be coastal America. We voted to leave the EU and some of them have some manners. Calling us ‘uptight’ for saying an American was going ‘too far’ is declasse. If you want polite society, you must follow the rules. Yes, follow, we all do. Americans imitate their crass comedians, we view ours as jesters and buffoons i.e. what not to do. Mainly, do not discuss your pipes – ANY of them. Tell only a doctor.

Video: London 100 years ago

...This hurts a part of my heart I didn’t know existed.

Especially since my relatives might be in this. Some lived there and moved out shortly after WW2, seeing the demographic Windrush lot.

Vox is right, they have to go back, all of them. Fixing the inflows isn’t enough. Progressive colonialism must be opposed.