78% UK depopulation by 2025 forecast




If you look at US purchasing power, it seems to predict for the UN, the outcome of a war against the Chinese…. so the white people are genocided (white men) or enslaved (the women) by Asian nations. Why else would China lose so little in population and gain in purchasing power while America itself loses?

Why is /pol always right? Me and pol, tied.


But wait, there’s more!

In the Friday update, bottom of the page:

Russia has been preparing for a major war since 2008 and China has been increasing her military capabilities for the last 20 years. Today China is not a second tier power compared with the United States. Both in military and economic terms China is at the same level and in some specific areas are far ahead.”

from steemit:

“To make matters even stranger a statement on Deagel’s forecast page can found be which was made by the authors on October 26, 2014 which apparently claims the population shifts are due to suicide and dislocation and assure us they are “not a death or satanic cult”:

Shift, funny way to spell genocide.

Historically a change in the economic paradigm has resulted in a death toll that is rarely highlighted by mainstream historians. When the transition from rural areas to large cities happened in Europe many people unable to accept the new paradigm killed themselves. They killed themselves by a psychological factor. This is not mainstream but it is true. A new crisis joins old, well known patterns with new ones.

We are not a death or satanic cult or arms dealers as some BS is floating around the internet on this topic. Take into account that the forecast is nothing more than a model whether flawed or correct. It is not God’s word or a magic device that allows to foresee the future.”

Now you SAID you’re not a death cult, I believe you.


But Malthus was right, and the people paying the Third World to breed know it. More children for Molech.

From the Sept 2020 update:


 The stark reality of diverse and multicultural Western societies is that a collapse will have a toll of 50 to 80 percent depending on several factors but in general terms the most diverse, multicultural, indebted and wealthy (highest standard of living) will suffer the highest toll. The only glue that keeps united such aberrant collage from falling apart is overconsumption with heavy doses of bottomless degeneracy disguised as virtue. Nevertheless the widespread censorship, hate laws and contradictory signals mean that even that glue is not working any more. Not everybody has to die migration can also play a positive role in this.”

True about the degeneracy. Who were the first immigrants encouraging we take the others? Who pushes the degeneracy?

“The formerly known as second and third world nations are an unknown at this point. Their fate will depend upon the decisions they take in the future. Western powers are not going to take over them as they did in the past because these countries won’t be able to control their own cities far less likely countries that are far away. If they remain tied to the former World Order they will go down along Western powers but won’t experience the brutal decline of the late because they are poorer and not diverse enough but rather quite homogenous used to deal with some sort of hardship but not precisely the one that is coming. If they switch to China they can get a chance to stabilize but will depend upon the management of their resources.”

No shit, look for yourself.

The Great Reset; like the climate change, extinction rebellion, planetary crisis, green revolution, shale oil (…) hoaxes promoted by the system; is another attempt to slow down dramatically the consumption of natural resources and therefore extend the lifetime of the current system. It can be effective for awhile but finally won’t address the bottom-line problem and will only delay the inevitable. The core ruling elites hope to stay in power which is in effect the only thing that really worries them.

The collapse of the Western financial system – and ultimately the Western civilization – has been the major driver in the forecast along with a confluence of crisis with a devastating outcome. “

It’s like reading myself.

2020: the year of I Told Ya So.

One response to “78% UK depopulation by 2025 forecast

  1. Chicoms have little backing at home. Every war with Vietnam, they lost and it caused a collapse of the government. They tried to hurt India and were run off. Now the princes are going broke trying to keep people employed and it’s not going well. So, a few ‘natural’ disasters and then the famine. they needed a victory with India and lost, which sows how far the nation is collapsing. I don’t worry overly about what they’re doing in the open, but how they’re arming 3rd world nations, especially Muslim nations. the Clintons asinine Arab Spring failed, for the most part, but only because most Muslims want peace, not chronic unrest and lying imams. Yet it still set things up for an invasion of both Europe and North America. If you are into prophecy, then watch Erdogan in Turkey. Soros wants to make him the next caliph. If that happens, no more Europe or US.

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