Death camps in vans

‘just following orders’ again, at least nobody is calling me crazy

This is the year you all learned I was telling the truth. Me and Tyler.

Rounding you up at train stations would be too suspicious given Hollywood predictive programming, so they’re treating you like the police child-stealing via CPS with a ‘court order’. Tried to warn you. I’ve linked videos before of them doing it. If they won’t respect children’s rights, why yours?

Here come the Bolshevik Brownshirts, the Medical Maoists, but you know a ‘nice’ Mason, right? It’s ‘just a drinking club’, like the Hellfire Club before it? Why would a bar require cult levels of suppression and secrecy? The people responsible for the genocidal guidestones hate you. Masons > Stones, geddit? The gulag will be called a Military Hospital Facility, like China’s ready-made flat pack prison ‘hospitals’. Auschwitz was a hospital, too.

re 77

“Whoever Steverino is, don’t flatter him. Any soldier in the 77th would not be an email and comment lackey.

They employ hundreds of those lackeys out of the cowardly, stupid, greedy, short-sighted masses willing to build a hell world in abject slavery for their dark occult priest masters.

Steverino is one of those pieces of sh¡t. Money worshipping, atheist cowards under the heel.

The 77th soldiers themselves don’t even know that they too are being mocked by THEIR masters.

In ancient occult traditions, 77 is identical to 666 in meaning. It is base consciousness: full ego identification.

Except where 666 represent (6) thought, (6) emotion, and (6) action being nothing more than animal drives, slave to the passions; 77 as the sorcerer’s number is just as bad.

777 means your (7) thought, (7) emotions, and (7) actions are as close to moral expression within God’s law as you’re gonna get in the physical shell of your human body.

The dark occultists knock the (7) of emotion off of the number. So they are saying that they are risen in the aspects of (7) thought and (7) action only; leaving emotion (the aspect that guides your conscience in doing right or wrong) out of the picture.

mind body soul but ok

– 7 = no soul

They think this is ideal, hence the name of the sorcerer’s number and the reason they label their military unit as such. Same concept goes for the Skull and Bones fraternity. Skull is thought, the bones are action, and emotion is not displayed at all on the standard.

Death cult. Pact is suicidal, both literally (if cult needs) and death of the soul -and conscience, connection to God.

It’s quite easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for.

The universities big on this are easy to spot – they have tunnels (to traffic women) and private roof grounds (for rituals). Satanists require four quadrants to call in various demons, so look for Quad shaped buildings too. If you got all three, you found major Satanic grounds. There will be Mason symbols nearby, usually engraved in stone above an entranceway. Also, depictions of Pan/Bacchus surrounded by grapevine and a drugged-up Medusa/Minerva figure. Ask me how I know. There might even be a snake, if you look closely.

I almost exposed this years ago but was warned off.

Some openly have Freemason Societies.

What was the building design based on? Why were women banned from university (snitch) ? Which way does the building face? Is there a benefit re body disposal in where it was located? Do they have access to vulnerable women locally? People nobody would miss? Are places closed off to this day? (Satanic motifs, hard to explain on a tour) Any mysterious deaths of women who lived there (and saw something)? Any reported ‘hauntings’ (so you ignore screams)? Why are people found on the roof expelled? What did they see, if they checked out the source of ritual lights? Why are there no photographs of this place online? Why do aerial photos miss out certain areas?

Too bad that removing the aspect of emotion in consciousness means your are incomplete, unrisen, and just like the other people locked in 666 beast consciousness. You are nothing more than an animal. You are still members of the dead, 77th brigade and other psychopaths. Know it like you know your pathetic names.”

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