The fake femininity meme has reached the thots

Yes, I’m exposing you – black, white, yellow, purple, idgaf. Fake is fake.
The link is dead (I wonder why…) but I don’t spare blue-eyed white CHINO thots either:
all fake femininity deserves my ire.

Wearing a dress to ‘hook’ a rich man is prostitution. Lying about who you are is fraud. Men have a right to know who that person is, for future decisions, just as women do about tradlarping men. This is the female version of washed-up PUAs attending church feeling entitled to a virgin. It’s a cope because real Christians want real Christians, virgins want other virgins and real men want real women. No rich white man will rescue you on a white horse from needing to be an adult, black Karens. You’re mostly SJWs, not actually K. Maid in Manhatten was a hilarious* comedy, not a documentary.

Fake Ks exist among women too and those BPD bitches are just as deadly.

They can re-make themselves easily because BPD has no identity, clinically!

The Asians cornered the market already with kawaii bullshit, toxic shrink creams and vaginal and eyelid surgeries.

I’ve already covered the future narcissistic mother CHINOs attention-whoring on their Youtube channels instead of starting a family and being really fawningly PC to Muslims because they’re secretly SJWs. Sometimes, the controlled ops has fake blonde hair, too much make-up and tits, guys. CHINO honeypots happen.

Men need to stop marrying thots, change the incentives and women will change.

*Ralph Fiennes hated Jennifer Lopez (and her white fever) and looked like he wanted to wear her skin throughout. 10/10 would watch again.

If the manosphere were smart, they’d shame the white fever thots.

NAME THE BEAST. It’s the only way to recapture power, explain their MO.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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