The Sexual MLM

The MLM aspect is trading on CENTURY-OLD hypnosis adverts.


no shit

accurate comment: “Guys like these are the reason so many women are single. It’s a bad circle: women avoid men because they act like this, and then guys say women don’t like nice men and act even more like douches because women avoiding men is all the women’s fault -_-“

Well, scientifically women are happier being single than men (as surveys of married women showed, when hubby wasn’t around to sway them)

The manosphere is not redpill because they ignore this fact and other data e.g. female lifespan when married drops, male increases. How is anybody faking their life expectancy, paranoid pansies?

What’s the difference between running around after one woman who loves you and bore your heirs versus running around more after lots of women who don’t actually respect you? They’re still wasting their lives on women, that’s sad. Crushes are not respect. They are reviled. Women don’t think like men. Respect is rare, women don’t respect 99.9% of men they ever met, not truly. Where’s the study? Someone tell Woodley. I’ve respected two men I’ve known IRL the entire time I’ve been alive. Women don’t respect money, women respect morally. The concept of honour needs study.

There are too many super-mum duties and pressures to make it worthwhile nowadays, modern marriage isn’t worth it for women, he’ll still cheat with porn. Why bother? women question, I hear them of all political stripe. We can’t work two full-time jobs (the money job and mothering) plus house cleaner plus chef plus the energy for depraved sexuality. What does the man even do anymore in postmodern marriages except sperm donor? No protection, no patriotism, no religion (conversions don’t count after the party is over), no breadwinning exclusively, so what? Why? What is the gender role of men getting married now, their duty, since they expect the woman to be wife, mother and breadwinning husband, therapist and his Mommy like he can’t do his own laundry after all that. I’m not American so I can see it a mile off. That’s why your birth rate will continue to plummet.

The lower IQ men who buy sexual MLM material are generally too stupid to get the message of collective female retreat: man-up. Gentleman. Marriage advice from bachelors is like exercise routines from the obese. Imagine if this guy married and had a daughter, what kind of father would he be? This is how women think and FGTOW is older than MGTOW. Why should a woman (any woman*) shorten her lifespan by marrying him? In the age of no-fault divorce because of Ashley Madison adultery? Men are not equal so not equally viable as husband, rejects always existed pre-internet, women just joined the convent. Men want the genetic legacy, women don’t care if they take care of their children or other family. That’s why patriarchy forced them culturally to marry. SJWs and CHINO types both baby other women’s kids in schools and church groups. Wake up. They get all the dopamine with NONE of the maternal mortality.

*Sexual selection belongs to women, the sexual MLM is a ponzi that promises to reverse literal evolutionary forces in the species. Women would rather have no kids than those of PUA types. Get it through your skull. Otherwise lonely Boomer men committing suicide is their destiny.

Psychopaths are also narcissists and online their MO is known to include a ‘harem garage’ so that psycho isn’t even original. He’s ripping off clinical narcissism discussions directly.

comment “That metaphor is so creepy and terrible because it’s a term used in human trafficking. He knew what he was doing, and he’s pretending it’s “just a metaphor””

It’s dehumanization.

comment “As a horse trainer I was appalled by that mare/stable “metaphor” 🤮🤮 this guy is so gross. Like can we stop using animals to make sexual analogues please it’s disgusting Also mares are the ones who run the herd so if his analogy of coming in and out of the stable was real it would be wrong. The mares (specifically the lead mare) they would be the ones deciding who comes in and out. 💀💀 the “stallion” would not decide if the “thoroughbred” stays or not.” LOL

It’s sexual AA for non-whites (most PUAs, if you look into it) combined with an MLM – take this course to sell this course… but English majors becoming English teachers are a Ponzi? Really? Do you really need a programme telling you how to be a gaslighting r-selected creep? It’s like teaching fish how to swim. The course Ponzi is the new one after e-books failed to account for Americans refusing to fucking read (try the Bible, y’all need Jesus) so figured they’d pay for Youtube videos like a sexual version of skillshare’s hipster welfare ponzi full of people you’d never heard of with results saying ‘trust me’ ’cause they’re not married but they COULD BE. If they WANTED, get off my back MOM I don’t wanna give you GRANDKIDS you’re oppressing ME. Breeding is for SISSIES. Girls have COOTIES, my bros on the forums UNDERSTAND ME. This is not a cult of anti-natal creeps, this is WHO I AM. They call me ALPHA. They never lie, they’re all millionaires banging babes daily they just also post on forums constantly. They’re bitter because they’re TOO successful with women. I can’t find a good wife and it’s NOT my fault. It’s society. I have transcended EGO, obviously.

Calhoun’s mutant rats didn’t breed and neither shall we. We’re independent thinkers with no kids who believe in Patriarchy like a rich guy wants a wealth tax.

Then there’s the ‘satire’ argument of endorsing national rape of white women… as if Rotherham rapes in private weren’t bad enough, you now have to ban freedom of association for the literal majority of white people according to totally not rapey non-white males.

They all have ‘player burnout’ being alpha widows to that one hot chick they scored from pity or drugging and refuse to admit their pair bonding is ruined by porn addiction and promiscuity frying their dopamine circuits because it applies to sluts but only women can be, right? #cope Not like dopamine circuits all work the same in the whole species, is it?

The funniest is the naturalistic fallacy that sterile sex equates to something evolutionary, nope.

It’s overt a con as ‘retire early by paying me’ by that guy who married a fug Asian despite the higher divorce rate (I got suspended for pointing this out, literal divorce rates only). The MSM endorsement is coincidence.

Corruption was illegal in ancient white society for a reason. Psychopaths are glib and try to normalise their parasitism (Marxism) and clinical, pathological degeneracy. Not to mention, all the coercion and rape law, which they deny even though I checked CPS guidelines and the rape law in America before forming that legally accurate opinion. Incitement to rape more white women is the last thing we need.. it enables new citizens to crime. They’re not going to go after black women statistically, are they?

Psychopaths have average IQs. Sexual criminals have the lower end of that scale. There is no freedom to incite violence against a free Western citizen and rape is right up there. Concepts like ‘building kino’ (assault, grabbing women randomly like we don’t already have laws….) and LMR – when she says no but you ‘bang’ (note violent term re white women only) anyway (das called rape, son).

When America was great, the seduction law on legal books still was enforced by Patriarchy.

Pretending this material is aimed at white men is a psyop.

They always show young solid 5 white men prior to middle age (mid-30s) for their point, what happens to the old men put out to pasture, age 40, 50, 60, 70, 80?

This is not about ‘dating’. It’s incitement of white rape.

Alcohol is the most common date rape drug, statistically. See, they’re showing they can get away with it. That’s incitement. Do we take them seriously (true stories) or not (satire, joking, metaphor)? Also, unconscious and weak people cannot consent. That’s how men and minors get raped too.

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