Enola and Pedo Holmes

Finally, a Mary Sue that’s autistic. Makes sense for that trope.

If it were a boy, everyone would be talking about the autism.

Enola’s mother raised her to be an autistic rebel. Naturally, her hell on Earth was being sent to a finishing school. Now, this school is supposed to be super evil, but it is shockingly progressive in its own right. There are black and Asian girls attending this 19th-century bulwark of Victorianism. We get to see Enola not fitting in and being taught useless skills like embroidery, eating with a spoon, and embroidery…

Henry Cavil on the other hand was poorly cast as Sherlock Holmes. He’s too pretty for the part. Holmes is gaunt and hawk-like. And while I’ve very much liked Cavil’s performances before, he was just wooden this time out. It felt like the director didn’t want to work with him. Which means he thought that Cavil was wrong for the part too. So who thought he was right for it? Well, two of the producers are named, Millie Bobby Brown and Paige Brown. If a teenage girl and her mother had some say in casting, it might explain why a profoundly handsome man who was completely wrong for the part got hired.

I can explain that actually. Here’s three thousand words on the subject.

Stage mother has been pushing her on pedos ever since that rapper when she was about 11. What, who do you think tipped off the gossip sites? Santa? Ho ho ho motherfuckers.

He wouldn’t do a series because he’s still angling for Bond after WB fired him for being a full pedo in China. They’d been paying him to attend conventions full of teenagers. Hardly the publicity they’re seeking.

People start work at the age of majority, eighteen, so what else could he mean there?

He might come out as MGTOW at some point to explain why he won’t marry but he’s such a notorious predator of anyone under 25 in London (North West, to be specific) that he’s had to seek other hunting grounds due to smartphones, in backwards countries. He still has a mews in Kensington though. He’s paranoid about being called a rapist* (SJW stare rape comment) because it isn’t exactly hard to find women he’s raped (like actually raped, violently**, including buggery) and he paid off a Canadian woman for giving her a disease in court (herp). That’s a lot for a man known to wank himself off (edging, particularly) in a mirror for hours because he’s a Patrick Batemen level psychopath. I know people who were friends with him. He dropped them when he took the ticket. No guilt.

You can tell he’s one of Them now because the Guardian suddenly likes him: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/aug/13/henry-cavill-superhero-curse-better-look-like-superman as does Netflix, who jumped at the chance to hire him after hearing he’s a fellow traveller from China. He’d work in any project the CCP want now (and never speak against them) or even spy for them because he took their blackmail offer of his pick of minors, girls, for preferred treatment in that huge film market.

if you’re reading this hen, go ahead and sue me you little bitch, I haz receipts, I’m willing to put this in the Mail, they’ve copied me before

The 4th wall problem is actually a pretty easy fix. Just give Enola her own Watson. Instead of explaining things to the audience, she could explain them to her plucky friend.

But if they cast a girl Watson she’d have been prettier than pedo ashtray Millie. I’m no oil painting myself but DAMN I look better without make-up and that’s saying something.

I see better leading ladies in the street, where she belongs with her creep mother.
I mean, they photoshopped the fuck out of those posters, didn’t they? You still can’t make a silk’s purse out of a sow’s ear.
Naturally, all the men involved have been lobotomised to make Mary Sue look smarter. Don’t bother.

*”Well, I don’t want to go up and talk to her, because I’m going to be called a rapist or something.'” Rape involves the peepee henry no.

**He always keeps the shoulders bulked to pin them down. He goes on pick-up forums to discuss getting them to pass out so he can go in the back door, since he doesn’t actually like adult women. Rejected Tom Cruise, too old. Slept with his married personal trainer he keeps gushing over to this day, because that’s what heterosexuals do. Big on prostate stuff.

He pings like a pinball machine, see gif. Extremely self-closeted. Without the muscles people would notice. Brothers all married with kids by now. He’d marry a manly woman like Clooney did, if any. Pros: hate feminists, goes on 4chan but /hebe (as he identifies, because pedo sounds mean) as well as pol. Ask his opinion on age of consent, I dare ANY journalist.

“But, that said, this year in particular, there seems to be a serious lack of black guys and girls being nominated.” A problem you’ll never have, Woody.

His family know what he is and cover for him because he’s Oedipal with his mother (catholics) and his father is handling his finances (like Britney).


He dumped the teen he was openly screwing because she committed the mighty crime of being ‘too old‘ at the haggard age of turning twenty. He clearly took the Cabal ticket, shills for Huawei : http://www.henrycavillnews.com/2016/07/the-most-beautiful-woman-in-my-eyes-is.html

14 is his ideal age, he’ll settle for 15. 2019-2004 = 15
It was illegal, folks..


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