French fashion too white


The hyphen Americans are funny.

In a republic, you’re not your race. That’s the whole point.

But they’re convenient Americans here, where they’re pretending this shit isn’t Chinese anti-white propaganda, yet suddenly ARE Chinese on Asian culture…..

Things that make you go hmmmm….

Plus, the algorithm is pushing this sort of thing HARD.


and isn’t she fetishizing white culture by living in America and speaking English? She also has a Victorian wardrobe video, as many of the SJWs do. When Americans say Victorian, that refers to the British Empire, owned by Queen Victoria. It’s literally the clothing of imperialism and slavery. They don’t mean gold miners wearing denim, they want to dress like London slave owners. Nobody calls them up on this.


and isn’t it perfectly natural for white people to look up to… other white people?

The gaslighting on that is extraordinary and recently, so blatant.e. French rules are primarily don’t be fat and don’t be tacky. That’s just whiteness. Only tryhard SJW types have to break out the piercings and sleeve tattoos to get anyone to notice them. Note they’re going after fundamental white self-image, that’s gaslighting. Deconstruction of self-image qualifies as menticide.

Yet the so-called Right is ignoring my many clarion calls on this topic. Odds of controlled ops…. ever higher.

nb Why do SJWs always have shit make-up? I think they lack an awareness of their own face because it’s always ugly and caked-on, like almost-black lipstick is not Victorian. Always with the cat-eye flick that only looks good on round, European eyes e.g. Marilyn Monroe, while on Asians it makes them look like a tranny because their eyes are already tilted so the effect is freakish. The lipstick looks like she ate a donut in a messy way. Why is tumblr’s SJW set like this? They assume they can just steal whatever details exist on attractive women like trend AA. Male r-types did this with hipster beard to hide soy jaw. The women dyed their hair to emulate more attractive women like goth models, cyberpunk dancers and Kate Winslet in Spotless Mind. Dying your hair blue won’t make you look like Kate Winslet, they seem visually impaired when it comes to perceiving beauty and seem to assume they can ‘steal’ whatever ‘tactic’ they presume the other woman must have used to ‘cheat’ too – they got male attention by genetics, not window-dressing. Criticizing styles they can never fully emulate screams post-hoc cope to me, like the SJW can’t copy it so they destroy it. Now it seems to be ‘I’m not like other girls because I don’t wear jeans/leggings’ – we get it, you’re fat. “skinny white bitches like Kylie Jenner” – she isn’t even white?

French girls were considered cheap hookers during WW1 (servicemen deployed, history books state they got syphilis) and before WW2 used by a certain group, usually against their will (slavery). The allure is a nice way of suggesting prostitutes.

also “global citizen” is such a hallmark of crazies

Top hearted comment:

When u talked about which french trends we should steal in 2020 I thought u were going to show a guillotine


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