The self-infantilisation of pedos

Psychopaths lie so you don’t treat them as equals and hold them accountable. Someone somewhere made them do it, the Devil! The Devil made them! Some mysterious poltergeist told them! A voice! Sick of criminals dodging responsibility, bring back the death penalty for these sickos.

They claim they cannot ‘control themselves’ when that’s the reason we have asylums, folks.

When police raided the victim’s house to apprehend the suspect, he was taken away in tears, reportedly crying: “I don’t know why… I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Psychopaths will say anything, crocodile tears. They get off on corrupting the innocent and humiliating the good, that’s why he did it on camera. Put sexual sadism in the DSM. It precedes it in criminal pathology theory.

Walls is a senior in high school and was already on bail for a gun charge. His lawyer has argued he has somewhat of a disability” that keeps him from controlling his impulses, according to the Chicago Tribune.

That’s called being subhuman. Even having those ‘impulses’ makes you evil, you ARE your impulses, no muh muh other thing to blame shift.

Is he really less capable? Lower IQ people are more likely to be criminals, including sexual predators. The Hollywood trope of retards as nice and harmless is as inaccurate as gays as gay. They domestically abuse their own family, they were kept in attics or away for the safety of children in the home. Sometimes they molest children and the law defends them by saying they have the mind of a child. No. That doesn’t mean their actions are absolved, he knew what he chose to do with his body. He knew it was wrong, premeditated it, repeated it and lied about it. He told the child to lie too and gaslighted her (theory of mind). He chose to violate another, targeted weaker, unable to resist physically. They don’t have the mind of a child, children are pure, they have an animal, bestial mind of raw instinct, from gorilla rage to infant predation. They have a subhuman mind and science doesn’t wish to publicly admit it, to spare whom? Children and adult members of families are forced to live with monsters to seem ‘nice’ because Hollywood portrays nonsense personality traits that don’t generalise* to most of the group. Look up carer abuse. They homicidally chimp out on relatives, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do criminally. The incest rates among retards are concealed from open study. It is actually retardation that causes incest, or attempts at it. This explains the child abuse in certain Middle Eastern cultures with low national IQs, there are stories of immigrants here discovered by the wife raping their own daughter (it was in the paper years ago). Child psychs don’t want to offend parents of ‘good ones’ so cover for crimes by turning a blind eye. Nobody likes to think about it as a possibility much less study. Little Timmy could be touching Suzy when nobody is looking. They can use “playtime” as a cover and everything, the feat of cunning and deceit is extraordinary. Why are touching games like doctors and nurses considered for children??? Think about that the next time a ‘playful’ simpleton wants physical access to your child for ‘fun’. And the gaslighting of the creeped-out (survival instinct) kid to ‘play’ with the off grown-up? This shouldn’t be normalized. Kids can spot creep**, let them leave. Tell: they don’t want to be filmed ‘playing’ with actual kids. Would a retard as we know it really have that level of self-awareness? Or are they playing a few levels dumber, as a cover?

This is another reason they’re separated, it would become obvious what criminality exists in the group. Why are so many mute? They become more mute through abuse by the creepy ones.

**And why do they wish to play with girls more often than boys, and 5-9 year old girls most? Why not other adults like themselves?

Many are human, some think in superhuman ways (a Tesla, Newton or Leonardo) so what marks the subhuman intellect? Atavistic baseness, amorality. No moral reasoning. No superego, no conscience, no soul. These people are throwbacks who would’ve been ejected at the first sign of antisocial trouble by their own tribe. Men were frequently cast out as rite of passage upon puberty so they didn’t attack family. Hormones are the cope of rapists and murderers everywhere. Everyone has hormones, the Devil doesn’t make people do anything. You have a free choice.

If the ‘disability’ argument is so, and it’s innate, we should put him down like a dog that bit a child. A dog biting a child is less traumatising to life outcomes than sexual child abuse, empirically.

Predators want full legal ‘rights’ as an adult but no criminal responsibility. The historic treatment is lead injection. Dr Hare studied these people and their corrosive effect on everyone in their life. Hollywood idolises them because it describes them. The Bible says to cast evil people out, the banishment that dates back to tribal life. You don’t have to kill them, but neither coddle nor enable them. Psychopaths are nomads, do the maths. They evolved to pre-empt the evolved response to their social emergence.

*Compare Williams syndrome (rare exception) to the common retard face. It’s like Eloi and Morlock.*** I am reminded of Israel’s supposed face scan that can detect pedos at the border, why don’t we have this?

***It is no coincidence super high IQ (superhuman) people were historically noted as exceptionally beautiful specimens, from Tesla to Hypatia to the classically handsome in his day Newton to Leonardo, who was a literal model. Meanwhile, media geniuses and other modern frauds are fug. Why not study phrenology with computers to debunk it? Unless there’s some truth to it….. Silicon Valley still wants to lie about the Zuck types, I guess…. muh superior verbal IQ. No confound with bilingualism, no!

Meanwhile, face width predicts ‘aggression’….

There’s also a gormless expression to the dimwits and an aliveness to real genius’s eyes. Anonymous Conservative should explore this.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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