Damage control

They couldn’t keep the lid on the “Jewish” connection, huh?

While eventually anyone of high IQ was targeted for having weird books and there was a tragic genocide of innocent people based on IQ weirdness or plain envy, I have no doubt there were actual Satanists also hanged for abusing, corrupting or attempting to steal children, which obviously goes unmentioned here. Witches are Pagan, Satanists are monotheist, worshipping Satan as their One god. A woman who likes her herbal tea isn’t a problem, they provided our medicine for millennia. The evil use and concept of witch only arrived in medieval Europe with so-called Jews… Lilith in the Jewish theology (NOT Christian because it violates Genesis) was said to steal children (to eat them) and blood libel has been suspected in many cases of Jewish serial killers, from that recent creepy comic book guy who kosher slaughtered his ‘girlfriend’ to drain her blood (it’s a ritual sacrifice) back to Jack the Ripper and the first immigrant case covered up (wall erasure) to prevent riots by the PC.

Canaanites are not real Jews in my opinion but I could be wrong, Revelations is vague. The witch trials sought Canaanites (what we’d now call pedophiles), NOT people minding their own business (although con artists did accuse innocent people, inc. men).

The hats are 1. phallic 2. sinister 3. connected to a religion that mutilates babies 4. similar to obelisk, an occult symbol relating to Masons 5. wizards were said to hide things, like Mary Poppins’ bag. This is why magicians pull things out of hats and a reason top hats fell out of favour, suggesting Satanism due to use by Satanists like Houdini (it’s in the eyes).

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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